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Fitness Legging High Waist Wholesale

Fitness legging high waist wholesale manufacturer as well as private logo print available, 200+ Existing Designs in Stock, ISO Production, Made in China, Preferential price.

Nowadays, more and more people join in the fitness boom, hoping that they can have a perfect figure.

When exercising, especially when jumping or running, nothing is more important than having high waist leggings.

Wearing fitness legging high waist wholesale, you don’t have to worry about other things, focus on fitness only and enjoy the exercise.

fitness legging high waist wholesale

Five points that need attention when working out:

The first thing to note is that exercise time, don’t exercise too long, to control best between 45 minutes to 60 minutes, too long exercise time will have a negative effect on the body.

The second thing to pay attention to is Interval exercise, which is to break an hour’s exercise time into a group of 20 minutes for example, and rest for more than 1 hour in the middle, so that not only the effect of weight loss is better, but also can give the muscles enough time to relax.

The third thing is that too much concentration and too intense exercise intensity can increase blood glucose components, resulting in poor skin, and even long wrinkles and spots.

The fourth thing to pay attention to is that it is best to use moderate intensity to exercise, how to judge whether it is moderate intensity exercise? Check heart rate above all, 70% ~ 85% of maximum heart rate of medium motion intensity, it is normal heart rate after conversion, for instance the heart rate when a person does not move normally is 70 times/every minute, the heart rate of his medium motion intensity is probably 130 times/every minute.

Then you can see the breathing situation, such as the feeling of breathing faster, a little panting, but still can communicate with others normally, such as medium intensity. Once you pant and can’t even talk to others, it’s over moderate intensity.

The fifth is to do warm-up exercises before exercise, activate the stress of the joints, and then slowly increase the intensity, and gradually enter the excitement of exercise. After the exercise, but also relax their muscles, slowly transition to the normal state of rest. It is best not to exercise suddenly and relax suddenly.


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