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Seamless clothing is an item of tridimensional one-time forming apparel produced by the seamless circular knitting machine. Find what is seamless clothing?

Seamless methods “less sewing, fewer joints, and stitches”. It has no seamed lines all around the main body of seamless apparel, and fewer stitches on the other parts of the fabric.

Seamless garment also can be called seamless garments, it normally explains the clothing utilized next to the skin, listed below external clothes.

Such as seamless panties and briefs, seamless bras, seamless shapewear, and close-fitting seamless fitness clothing such as seamless sports bra, seamless t-shirts, seamless crop tops, and seamless leggings wholesale.

Users delight in seamless clothing for the reason that they could be versatile, breathable, nonrestrictive, and are not binding. When the body moves, the decrease of joints uses increased loosen up and leisure.

Seamless” is relative to the concept of “Seamed”. The primary body of clothes is one take, the crotch of underwear, the limbs of tops, the straps of bras all require to be stitched primitively.



Seamless knitting innovation is not a brand-new idea. It has actually been utilized in the past for hosiery production and it has actually been widely known throughout the market given that the 1980s.

The innovation of electronic devices, computer-aided design and control systems have actually made it possible for the concepts of socks produce to be applied to knit seamless body panels, important waistbands, and shoulder straps to produce the body-size seamless garment.

They have actually established a series of electronic seamless clothes factories for both guys and ladies’ hosiery items. Seamless garment manufacturers are produced in the single-cylinder or double cylinders, typically great gauge for producing bodywear designs.



Seamless garment production treatment totally incorporates mechanized knitting and manual sewing. This technique significantly increases production performance and reduces substance loss.

There are mainly 5 processes to manufacture seamless apparel.

1, Computer system graphics (CG).

This is a unique step in the production of seamless clothes. The designer needs to establish a program in a computer system software application according to the sample style and after that import the program into the circular knitting gadget for the “Blank material” weaving.

2, Knitting or weaving.

Weaving will be the very best difference between seamless sportswear and other clothing within the production method. The semi-manufactured material of seamless clothing is knitted straight from yarn to semi-finished material with a maker, while the regular style is made from removing the entire item.

Seamless garment manufacturers utilize circular knitting devices to weave. The semi-done fabric woven from a seamless knitting maker is called “Blank fabric”.

Knitters will choose the qualified blank fabrics and put them in the turnover plan, for the next treatment– coloring/ dyeing.

3, Dyeing.

Coloring is usually finished in professional clothes coloring production center. Some seamless garment manufacturers get their own dyeing workshop and it likewise does save a variety of costs.

Optional color is likewise a huge benefit. Simply allow your customers to select the beneficial color cards they enjoy! Here are the popular Pantone Colors you might utilize:

4, Cutting and Sewing.

Seamless items do not show they will not require stitching and cut. The manufacturer needs to stop the additional fabric over the cutting lines of the colored fabric.

Stitching employees ought to be informed prior to they begin work since of the flexible function. That is definitely, “Ability stems from practice”.

Depending on the clients’ needs, only fewer seams are required to finish the seamless activewear.

  • Gusset seam and leg opening elastic for seamless underwear.
  • Inside seams for seamless leggings.
  • Neck and armhole binding & sleeve joints.
  • Straps seams for camisoles, seamless sports bras, etc.
5, Ironing.

Comparable to sewed garments, it is a routine phase. For seamless clothing, high-heat ironing consists of a shaping impact on your specific degree. Ironers need to pay more attention to the stress of the clothes throughout ironing to prevent the size variance of the finished item.

Wholesale seamless clothing advantages

  1. Body-building and close-fitting.
  2. No-chafing and smooth.
  3. Resilient in use.
  4. Light-weight.
  5. Numerous tailored styles.
  6. Cost-saving.
  7. Comfy.

China Becomes The World’s Largest Seamless Clothing Manufacturer!

It is understood that the current international machinery manufacturers producing seamless apparel are mainly Italian Santoni and Shengge, and they are now both belong to the Italian Ronadi Group. According to the introduction of Luo Dali, the manager of Southeast Asia of Italy Shengge Company, and Chen Xiaolin, the domestic general agent sales manager of Santoni, their two companies sell about 3,100 seamless garment machines in China, of which there are more than 2,200 in Yiwu, accounting for more than 70%. There are about 25,000 seamless knitting machines in the world, and Yiwu accounts for about 10%.

In the past, the largest producer of seamless clothes was Israel, which has more than 1,000 looms; but now China has replaced it and has become the world’s largest producer. Except for less than 200 looms in Haining (Zhejiang), and Guangdong, China’s seamless clothing looms are mainly distributed in Yiwu.

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