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1) Experienced technicians will help you confirm whether your customized rugby shirt design is reasonable. They will provide constructive comments on your design draft until the plan is feasible.

2) Recommend the most cost-effective fabrics to you, make samples according to the final design draft, and then send samples to you for confirmation.

3) If you love the received custom rugby shirt samples, then we can confirm the order details with each other, and then start mass production; If the samples need to be modified, the rugby jersey manufacturer will make improvements according to your comments.

4) In the production process, the factory will control loss, quality, standardization, etc. To ensure that the quality of bulk products meets customer requirements.

What You Get with ChinaFitnessClothing:

The 1st “Worriless Production” solution provider for Women’s & Men’s Custom Rugby Jersey Manufacturing from China.


Why consistent quality? Total 5 inspections in the process of knitting, dyeing, sewing, ironing, packaging.


Cooperating with GymShark, Doyoueven, NewBalance, Hanes, etc.


Give us your rough idea, let’s easily communicate the possibilities of this design and make it a reality!


Why timely delivery? Make your production schedule under control with 3 production progress reports.


Get back to any inquiries within 1 day! 365 days without vacation!


Circular knitting machine sizes from Children’s size to oversize: Various measurements & all sizes! Ask for Wholesale Price!

What is Rugby Jersey?

Rugby Jersey also called a rugby shirt, is a horizontally striped shirt that can be worn on and off the football field. Rugby originated in England in the 19th century. The original custom rugby jersey was not as we see it today. Its prototype was a cotton shirt instead of a sportswear. After evolution, the rugby jerseys now fit better. The team logo, sponsor logo and back number are printed directly on the clothes, so as to reduce the chance of being pulled by opponents during the game.

Rugby developed late in Asia, and the audience is very small. There were few rugby jersey manufacturers at that time so the prices were very hight. The reason is nothing more than extremely high requirements on the venue, high requirements for equipment purchasing power, high-risk factors, and Asian physiques are prone to injury. So my article will not focus on the details of rugby, but special clothing derived from this sport-Rugby Shirt.

Most rugby shirts have short sleeves, but long sleeves are sometimes worn in cold weather. Rugby shirt features a button open collar at the top of the shirt, which is reminiscent of a polo shirt. However, the collar of a football shirt is usually a little shorter and harder than that of other shirts.

Classification of American Custom Rugby League Jersey Shirts

In the United States, genuine NFL (National Football League) Rugby jerseys can be roughly divided into three categories, from low-end to high-end, which are Replica Jersey, Premier Jersey / EQT Jersey and authentic. Rugby jersey manufacturer can customize different types of American Rugby Jersey.

Why Choose Us as Your Custom Rugby Jersey Manufacture?

1, Fabric: We prepare mulitple function fabric quality for you in the stock all the year round. All fabrics were nominated by famous brand. All test aspects get pass by official certification.

2, Ink: The eco-friendly ink from Japan and Italy and China.

3, Speed: Team wear order within 14days only.

4, Pattern: We have regular pattern/size for famous club.

5, Price: Competitive price for different item like netball uniform and Rugby uniform and Basketball wear.

6, Special aspect:We do recycle function fabric for sublimation team wear.


1) Replica Jersey

Replica Jersey refers to the rugby jersey that imitates the player’s version, but the fabric, number, and shape are very different from the player’s version.

The fabric of Replica Jersey is very thin. The number, the name of the player, the team logo (if any) on the sleeve, the circle (if any) on the sleeve and the Reebok logo are all offset printed.

In terms of shape, the offset version of custom rugby jersey is suitable for ordinary wear (unlike the player version, which is suitable for protective gear). The front swing of offset Jersey is shorter than the backswing.

The price of this kind of jerseys is relatively cheap, and the adult version of the jerseys is about $70. NFL Replica Jersey for fans is offset printed. The number, player name, team name and team logo of Jersey are all offset printed!


2) Premier Jersey

Like Replica Jersey, Premier Jersey is a fan’s Jersey. But different from Replica Jersey, the fabric of advanced Jersey is thicker than that of Replica Jersey; All the numbers and players’ names are single-layer embroidered. But the team logo (if any), the ring on the sleeve (if any), Reebok logo are also offset.

The shape is also suitable for everyday wear. The price of this jersey is around $100.

The so-called “single layer embroidery” should be specially explained here. Friends who know NBA jerseys must know that swingman, NFL premier Jersey is equivalent to swingman jersey of NBA jerseys. Single-layer embroidery is to dye a piece of cloth with the color of the number, and then sew the piece of cloth on Jersey. The number embroidery of the advanced version of the personalized rugby jersey is a single layer, and the number is printed on the cloth and sewed on the Jersey.

The difference between the subscript of the advanced version and the offset version is that the advanced version has a team helmet on the label!


3) Authentic Jersey

Authentic Jersey is a top-class Jersey. All its fabrics, numbers and materials are the same as the actual players on the field. The fabric is thick but comfortable; All numbers are multi-layer embroidered; The team logo on the chest is directly embroidered on the clothes; The team logo and Reebok logo on the sleeve are sewn on the clothes with embroidered cloth marks; The rings (if any) on the sleeves are offset.

The “multi-layer embroidery” here means that each color on the number is made of a piece of cloth. This kind of number is very durable and has a strong sense of hierarchy. However, many team numbers have only one color.


Pro-cut Jersey/Pro-worn jersey), the actual make your own rugby shirts worn by the players are specially tailored for the players, and the clothes are made according to actual needs. The player version (Authentic) is mass-produced and sold, so the clothes are not the same as the actual players.

The player version of the rugby jersey is very expensive, around $300. The double-layer embroidery is composed of different colors of cloth and collage. However, the stitch line of the genuine player-version rugby jersey embroidery is “Z”-shaped.


Rugby Jersey is the identity of each player and indicates which team he is playing for. A rugby player’s jersey must be large enough to fit into shoulder armor. In NFL, each team’s rugby shirt has a different logo to distinguish players. The numbers on the front and back are 8 inches high and 4 inches wide, which are the same size on most high school and college teams.

Clothing is not the standard to distinguish a football player from other football players, but talent and spirit. But uniforms and gear are an integral part of the game, and it would be reckless and stupid for any player to play without them. Think about it. Just 60 or 70 years ago, people wore helmets with few masks, which required them to have stronger nasal bones and more dental clinics to work during the season.

What our clients say:

customer-evaluation-chinafitnessclothing-3 (1)


We can distinguish the jerseys from the size.

The size of Fans Version (including offset and advanced version) is s, m, l, XL.

The Youth Version is written as follows: Youth s (8-10), youth m (10-12), Youth L (12-18), Youth XL (18-20). The numbers on the back represent the age that suits you.

The size of the Player Version is: 44, 48, 52…….


44 is equivalent to L code, 48 is equivalent to XL code, and so on. It is estimated that everyone does not quite understand. This American size is based on the inches of the bust. For example, size 44 is 44 inches of bust, which is equivalent to 112CM. It should be emphasized that the size of the genuine mass-produced jersey jumps up by 4 inches. A size up to 52 must be 56, and then up to 60 (it doesn’t seem to be any bigger).

The sizes of 42, 46, 50, 54 will only appear in the jerseys worn by the players themselves (Pro-cut Jersey/Pro-worn Jersey). Take the familiar NBA as an example. Jordan wore a specific size 50 jersey during the Wizards. Therefore, apart from 50, it is impossible to have Jordan Wizards jerseys of 46, 54 and other sizes. If you see this size, you can definitely say that this jersey is fake! ! The same goes for NFL jerseys.



Turn the inside of the American custom rugby jersey outward and observe the condition of the embroidery part. The embroidery of the genuine jersey is in a “Z” shape. Embroidered on the jersey, it is very flat, and there is almost no embroidered feeling inside. For fakes, the numbers are sewn directly on the clothes with tight threads.

For the genuine Eagles player jerseys, if you look closely at the clothes, you will find that there is a black “Z”-shaped thread sewn on the clothes. This line connects the number to the jersey, which can make the wearer feel very comfortable without unevenness.

If you don’t know much about Reebok jerseys, you can log in to the corresponding website for comparison, then you will have a good understanding!

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