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The 1st “Worriless Production” solution provider in custom mens’ fitness apparel manufacturing area from China.

  • Consistent quality: Total 5 quality inspectionsin the production process;
  • Keep your “Delivery date” in your control! Give you total 3 progress reportsin the 3 different production stages;
  • Machine sizes from 12” to 20″, from Children’s size to plus: Easy for you to manufacture various measurements;
  • 100% patient listener: Give us a rough idea, let’s communicate the possibilities of it and make it a reality!
  • 1 day feedback: You’ll definitely receive a feedback within 1 day once request, 365 days without vacation;
  • Abundant product inventory, easy for you to print your own private label, MOQ 1~50 PCs for customized existing type!
  • Top 3 knitting technology in China with more than 20 years of experience.

How To Choose Men's Fitness Clothes?

For men, choosing a suitable fitness suit is not only a need for sports and fitness, but also a way to reshape their figures. There are many styles of fitness clothes on the market. Different sports require different styles of fitness clothes.

For example, sleeveless sports fitness clothes is suitable for basketball. If you run on the roadside, you can choose fitness clothes with reflective materials. This will not only have some effects on the feeling during exercise, but also ensure personal safety.

As an experienced men’s fitness clothing manufacturer, Here we’d like to share some ways to choose mens fitness apparel. We hope it is helpful to you.

how to choose mens fitness apparel


When choosing fitness clothes, men of different shapes need to choose different clothing styles. But for the looseness of clothing, no matter what the figure of men, looser clothing is also a suitable choice because it makes your sports process easier.

Water Absorption

When choosing clothes, different water absorption can also play different roles for different styles of clothes. For men’s fitness clothes, it is inevitable to sweat during exercise. A strong water absorbent fitness clothes can not only keep the body dry during exercise, but also make some good changes in the feeling of exercise.

3 7 - Mens Fitness Apparel - Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

Warmth Retention

During exercise, the body will consume some heat. At this time, we need a fitness suit that can not only dissipate heat, but also reserve some body heat. In this way, in the process of sports, it can not only make the body feel comfortable, but also reduce the damage in the process of sports. Men must know it when choosing fitness clothes.

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Fitness Environment

For the choice of fitness clothes, in addition to some needs for the role of clothes, different fitness environments will also have different changes in the choice of fitness clothes. For example, when exercising in the gym, choosing a tight dress can not only attract women in the gym, but also make the body have some effects after exercise. For this time, it is also a suitable choice.

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When exercising along the road, for men, different patterns and styles of clothing are also a need to highlight their personal charm. Choosing a fluorescent fitness suit can not only modify your skin, but also ensure more safety in the process of exercise.

6 5 - Mens Fitness Apparel - Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer


There are many brands of sportswear to choose from. Basically, many common brands on the market are OK. Nike, Adidas running and training series, and Reebok lemy series are good choices. Almost all clothes of Under Armour are suitable to wear in the gym… Decathlon and HM’s sports series are very cost-effective and belong to very professional sportswear. Skins or 2XU can be selected for compression pants and tops. The two brand series are highly targeted and the price is at the same level. At present, it is difficult to find offline stores in China. Most of them are in the form of a small number of consignment sales. It’s better to wait for T-mall promotion and start with a good price.

Why Do We Need Mens Fitness Apparel?

China Fitness Clothing is a fitness apparel manufacturer and supplier that can ease your purchasing difficulties for men’s fitness clothes. Crafted to bring out the best in the wearers, the workout clothes mens’ collection here is what you need to perform better and perform longer.

These mens’ fitness clothes are made by high-end fabric material that highlights active wicking and ventilation homes. They are equally well adapt at managing temperature levels. Whatever from men’s pants to men’s outerwears, they ensure your optimal convenience.

These mens fitness apparel weighs less and provides a smooth base and applicable stretch. If you were actually looking for custom fitness apparel for mens that improve business or increase your product range, these high-quality items are what you must invest in.


If you are a wearer, after hours of exercise sessions in these cool workout clothing, you are assured to feel fresh and unwinded; so you can easily push yourself for more minutes into your regimen without sweating pails.

Becoming a severe workout man is effort. First, you need to really go to the fitness center. And at the health club, you in fact need to work. Serious workout iondividuals understand that the name of the video game to making a workout at least a smidgen less painful is to be properly tailored for it.

That starts with a good gym wardrobe. Yep, we’re talking about mens fitness apparel & mens’ customized workout clothes made particularly for physical fitness. Not just will they not obstruct of your fitness experience, however they may just make it more pleasurable, too.

We’ve got some sure-fire picks to assist you look your best while blasting your core. Or simply opting for a light hike.

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