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Striped Polo Rugby Jumper Manufacturer

Are you seeking for a formal, standardized custom Rugby Jumper Maker & Supplier to make your own designs at a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces?

Custom rugby jumpers China manufacturer

Several types of customized knitted rugby jersey jumpers we can manufacture:

  1. University, or School rubgy jumper;
  2. England rugby knitted jumper;
  3. Rugby jumper Australia design;
  4. Two-tone striped Polo style jumper;
  5. Oversized rugby jumper;
  6. Oxford university rugby jumper;
  7. Rugby jumper UK style;
  8. Rugby jumper South African style;
  9. Throws ball rugby jumper;
  10. Vintage rugby jumper;
  11. Your own design.

List of several custom rugby jumper designs

Striped custom rugby jumper manufacturer
Striped custom rugby jumper manufacturer
England Polo Rugby Jumper Maker in China e1682696671178 - Custom Rugby Jumper - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer
Custom rugby jumpers China manufacturer
China rugby jumper manufacturer
Custom rugby jumpers China manufacturer

Existing Over 50 Types of Yarn Colors

You Can Choose From

This is the reason why we can make small quantities of rugby jumpers at reasonable cost:

We spend a lot of money to make yarn raw material stocks of various colors, and reduce the customization cost for customers.


Lower MOQ For Custom Designs

in The Polo Rugby Jumper Production Area

Most factories can’t produce customized small batch orders because the production process is complex and the production cost is high. We broke through the bottleneck of cost and technology, making it possible to customize in small quantities. The minimum order quantity varies from 10 pieces to 50 pieces according to different styles.

Custom rugby jumper Australia design
Custom rugby jumper Australia design

Popular Fabric Materials for  Custom Rugby Jumper Manufacturing


  1. 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester Mixed
  2. 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester Mixed
  3. 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester Mixed
  4. Gram per square meter/ Thickness of the Fabric: 315GSM.
Custom rugby jumper polo style e1682696957479 - Custom Rugby Jumper - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

What You Get with Us:
The 1st “Worriless Production” solution provider


Why consistent quality? Total 5 inspections in the process of knitting, dyeing, sewing, ironing, packaging.


Circular knitting machine sizes from Children’s size to oversize: Various measurements & all sizes!


Get back to any inquiries within 1 day! 365 days without vacation!


Cooperating with GymShark, Doyoueven, NewBalance, Hanes, etc.


Why timely delivery? Make your production schedule under control with our 3 production progress reports.


Give us your rough idea, let’s easily communicate the possibilities of this design and make it a reality!

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