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Disposable underwear is a kind of panties that is only worn once time and then thrown away. It is widely used in traveling, business trips, hospitals, and even home dress.

Disposable underwear wholesale is lightweight briefs for both men and women, which are utilized just for one time and then tossed away. For this reason, it is also known as single-use underwear or throw away panties. Several factors can be spotted over why people wear these types of non-reusable panties.

The wholesale disposable underwear manufacturers, based on the needs and usage preference, will create and produce these sanitary panties.

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Why Do People Love Disposable Underwear?

Throw away undergarments have such broad and also varied uses some important and also others non-essential. Depending upon whether the briefs are cotton or polypropylene will certainly help establish what they are made use of for.

Disposable underwear is really practical and is created with your ease and also comfort in mind. It can be put on and after that throw. Non-reusable panties are optimal when it is either difficult, bothersome, or not practical to clean underwear.

Under typical circumstances, before leaving the manufacturing facility, non-reusable underwear will certainly be concentrated in a closed UV disinfection space for disinfection, and also go to the last weblink– packaging.

Throughout this period, the workers who executed the procedure were likewise purely disinfected: they were using UV-sterilized clothing, sanitized masks, and also unique shoes to make sure that the panties after disinfection would certainly not be polluted again.


At present, there are 2 popular types of single-use undergarments in the market:

  1. Disposable cotton underwear;
  2. Disposable non-woven panties.

1) Cotton disposable underwear wholesale

Cotton is a more costly material than polypropylene and is much less typically used in disposable undergarments.

Cotton normally enables the skins to breathe so it is very popular as superior-top quality men’s or women’s disposable panties. So, many underwear manufacturers love cotton fabric.

Cotton fibers are extremely flexible so the fabric quickly extends to fit the wearer. The panties are conveniently made to fit different sizes and provide an extremely flattering equipped appearance.

2) Non-woven underwear

Non-woven Underwear,  also known as Paper Underwear or Polypropylene Underwear, is neither cloth nor paper, but a synthetic chemical fiber panties made by disposable underwear manufacturers.

Polypropylene or PP for panties is a thermoplastic polymer with extremely reduced thickness making it optimal in the production of light-weight non-reusable underwear.

Polypropylene fibers do not have flexibility so the fabric does not stretch to fit the user. The underwear is easily designed to fit different dimensions yet the underwear will never ever be fitted.

But due to its poor air permeability and close to the skin, it is easy to cause skin discomfort and cause gynecological problems.

Therefore, the market share of disposable briefs made of this material will become smaller and smaller.


How to Wear Disposable Underwear Healthily?

  • Disposable panties are not suitable for long-term wear. Health experts warn everyone that disposable underwear is not suitable for long-term wear. If you accidentally buy unqualified disposable underwear, it may also cause skin irritation or inflammation.
  • It is best to choose cotton disposable underwear. If it is not a special situation, everyone should try to choose cotton underwear, because the cotton material has good hygroscopicity and breathability.
  • The single-use underwear should be changed every day. Whether it is a disposable product or no matter how good the material is, the underwear should be replaced every day.
  • Try not to wear disposable non-woven underwear in rainy and wet weather. Although it changes every day, if your disposable underwear wholesale are made of synthetic nonwoven fabrics, please wear as little as possible. These materials are close to the skin and have poor air permeability, which often makes the local skin temperature and humidity increase, and is prone to secondary bacterial and fungal infections. It will be more serious in rainy and humid weather.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to choose pure cotton disposable underwear.
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