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Custom compression clothing manufacturers use splicing technology of special materials and various knitting techniques to make different styles of compression apparel.

Theoretically, the design principle of wholesale compression clothing is to increase venous blood reflux, improve blood circulation, strengthen the ability of muscle pump (muscle contraction pumps blood back to deep vein), reduce muscle oscillation during exercise, and then improve the conduction control of neuromuscular.

What is Compression Clothing?

Early compression clothing were used as an aid in medical treatment. In theory, early compression products were designed to increase venous blood flow, improve circulation and reduce muscle oscillations during exercise.

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The origin of compression pants can be traced back to the custom of women’s waist girdling in European history. Compression leggings were first worn by circus and acrobatic performers in the early 20th century, and have since evolved into more fashionable forms. It can be said that the original intention of the production of compression clothes is for the beauty of the form, and does not emphasize the function.

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Is the Tighter the Compression Clothing, the Better the Quality?

The answer is NO.

In our impression, we always think that the tighter the compression garment, the better, and the tighter the package for the body, the more effective it is, but this is not the case. At present, most compression clothing manufacturers or brands are claiming that their compression clothes have greater compression function, which is itself wrong. The working goal of shrinking clothes is precise compression, and appropriate compression force is applied at the right position. If it is too tight, it will hinder the blood circulation and bring the opposite effect.

Compression Clothing Applications

Compression workout clothes and sportswear can not be merely specified as clothing. To be exact, sports compression clothes is a professional-level sports equipment, and it has actually turned into one of the indispensable sports devices for expert athletes, such as triathlon and marathon sports. Sports compression clothes is consisted of as a required deviceselection. In the meanwhile, it has likewise become the starting devices for numerous sports lovers. It can not just assist professional sports enthusiasts lower sports injuries, but also enable everybody to correctly and safely take pleasure in sports.

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