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Give us your rough idea, let’s easily communicate the possibilities of this design and make it a reality!


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When you remain in the market for wholesale underwear, you’ll first require to ask yourself whether they can make your ideal underwear type.

This may seem like an obvious question, but it’s an important one. Not all wholesale underwear manufacturers are capable of producing all kinds of undergarments. Functional boxer briefs or gym shorts often require unique materials, such as lycra or waterproof materials.

You require to be sure that the producer you pick has the ability to make the underwear products that you want. Even much better, you should attempt and use a maker that specializes in making the underwear that you desire.

If you’re starting an undergarment service that offers trendy panties, then you would do well to deal with a supplier that has a lot of experience with similar styles of panties.

Which One Do You Prefer? Overseas or Domestic Suppliers?

1) Domestic underwear Manufacturers

We reside in a world where purchasers are becoming significantly conscious about the working standards and the material quality that consist of the underwear they are purchasing.

When it comes to domestic wholesale underwear manufacturers, you’re most likely to receive higher quality items, with regulated labor standards. They will come at an expense- it’ll be more costly to source your products from the domestic undergarments factories.

If you’re going to pay the extra costs to use domestic underwear makers, it’s an excellent idea to stress the truth that you’re working with regional industries in your marketing material. This can really help to enhance your brand image with purchasers who understand such topics.

Another great advantage of working with domestic underwear producers is the shipping times. Shipping is going to be much faster than it would be if you were dealing with underwear producers from abroad. It is also generally more affordable than it is when you deal with overseas makers. This is simply another advantage of dealing with domestic underwear producers.

One significant downside when working with domestic underwear makers is that there is generally a much smaller option of items when compared to producers from overseas. This might not be a problem for you if you’re aiming to manufacture generic products, however, if you’re trying to find something more specific niche, you might find that overseas providers are the better alternative.

2) Oversea Underwear Manufacturers

There are lots of overseas underwear manufacturers that can assist you to produce items for your company, often at a much lower expense than that of a domestic producer.

The quality of the products from an overseas producer might not be as high as a domestic maker. This is certainly something to be aware of, in addition to the uncontrolled labor requirements that might be employed by those producers.

They can consist of makers from China, India, Taiwan, and a host of other Asian countries. For many years, China underwear manufacturers have been the most popular, with the business that produces all kinds of clothes for dropshipping and resale easily found online.

Even more, it’s likely that you’ll experience longer shipping times for your products if you choose to work with an abroad clothing producer, and shipping costs will likely be more pricey than if you were to deal with domestic business.

What our clients say:

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What is the Minimum Order Amount (MOQ) of These Custom Underwear Manufacturers?

When you’re working with an underwear manufacturer, you need to know what their minimum order amount is. That means that the minimum variety of items you need to acquire in a solitary order. The MOQ can range from 200 to 2,000 things, or even more. It’s extremely rare for producers to not have an MOQ.

For some in-stock items, China Fitness Clothing can give the MOQ even 1 piece.

For customized items, it is essential for you to understand since if you start collaborating with a maker as well as most likely to put your initial order, and they inform you that you need to buy 1,500 units of the underwear you want to make, you could not have the ability to afford it.

It’s not an excellent suggestion to acquire 1,000 underwear products if you’re not sure you can offer them all. That way, you’re entrusted excess supply that’s challenging to move.

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