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Seamless Thermal Underwear Manufacturing Process


Types of thermal underwear manufacturers

Various manufacturing facilities might take on nonidentical manufacturing systems. The production approach impacts the end product’s top quality however additionally has an influence on the rate, amount, as well as total prices of thermal undergarments manufacturing.

Some factories, for example, utilize what is called a “make-through” system. In this situation, a solitary dressmaker works with each item. From pattern to reduction till completion, he does whatever on his/ her very own. Depending upon the abilities of the certain dressmaker, the general high quality could be excellent or typical. Makers utilizing this approach can deal with small quantity orders as well as the last price is normally greater.

Various other thermal underwear manufacturers choose to function utilizing a dynamic manufacturing system or variants like the modular system or area system. Whatever the instance, this technique is based upon the principle of a number of technicians dealing with the exact same item of underwear garments at modern actions. A technician or a team of them supervises simply one procedure. As soon as he finishes the procedure, he passes the item to the following terminal where an additional dressmaker proceeds with the job and more till the conclusion.

The benefits of these approaches are that the manufacturing is much faster, it can deal with high quantities, as well as the general manufacturing prices are reduced. Because several employees are associated with generating every item of apparel, it might be testing to keep the top quality the whole time the procedure.

Which sort of thermal underwear manufacturer is right for you depends upon a number of elements such as the amount of items you require as well as just how much you can spend for them. You need to additionally take into consideration the scalability of your service considering that you do not desire to be stuck with a manufacturing facility that supplies great top quality at the appropriate cost for you, however, can not supply your orders when the organization expands.

What is thermal underwear

Thermal wear is usually made from cotton polyester, suitable for cold weather, when used as the innermost layer, perform a key function. Further, the subcategorization of this thermal fabric depends upon the kind of material that goes in its making.

Wholesale thermal underwear manufacturers china

Wholesale thermal underwear categories:

Category 1: pure cotton underwear. The most traditional single layer underwear, light and breathable, but due to the thin texture, more suitable for spring and autumn wear.

Category 2: fiber thermal material underwear. Cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester and other fabrics are mostly used, and the interlayer adopts cotton, wool, camel wool and other floc pieces as filling material. The advantages are good permeability and moisture conductivity.

Category 3: Space cotton thermal underwear. It use cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc., interlayer flocs coated with metal film. Its advantages are relatively warm, radiation.

Category 4: Thermal underwear’s interlayer containing ICCP material. It uses cotton, wool, silk, Lycra and other fabrics, the ICCP material in the interlayer has also developed from the original non-porous to porous until the mesh film.

Category 5: comfortable health care type thermal underwear. This kind of product claims that it contains far infrared fiber and more than 20 kinds of trace elements, far infrared can carry on energy conversion in the body, mediate the body immunity.

Category 6: Silk thermal underwear. Traditional silk thermal underwear (commonly known as silk padded jacket) is filled with silk, with green health, light, soft, smooth, warm and other characteristics. In addition, it also has strong constant temperature, breathable, moisture permeability, so it is warm and comfortable to wear, and the silk cotton-padded jacket can prevent mites, antibacterial, mildew.

How thermal underwear work:

The material structure of thermal underwear is composed of inner and outer fabrics and intermediate composite layers. The middle composite layer is the key to thermal underwear.

Initially, the composite layer of thermal underwear used agricultural film technology, using the excellent heat insulation and wind resistance of plastic film, the formation of general textile materials to achieve the thermal efficacy.

A number of small holes are punctured into the film using a technique called acupuncture, and fibers (known as Antarctic cotton) are combined on both sides of the film. The composite layer is then bonded to the inner and outer knitted fabric using a binder to form the material for thermal underwear.

Nowadays, the material of thermal underwear has been changed to special chemical fiber, mainly ultrafine, fiber, hollow fiber, far infrared fiber and so on.

These fibers have low thermal conductivity, so they have good thermal insulation performance.

Medical research shows that far infrared rays can not only act on the surface of the human body, but also on the internal tissues of the human body, so as to effectively promote human blood circulation and improve physiological microcirculation.

Thermal underwear is a new thing produced in our life, which has certain advanced nature in the field of clothing products.

From the perspective of warmth, it ADAPTS to people’s pursuit of lightweight clothing.

How to find thermal underwear manufacturers?

After finding out the kind of supplier you require, it is now time to begin your research study. It is not as hard as you might believe. There are a lot of resources for you to contact wholesale thermal underwear manufacturers. Initially of all, you require to choose if you require a regional or abroad factory.

Domestic vs Regional

Nowadays, both regional and abroad factories can ensure top-quality items so that must not be your main issue in making this choice. Rather, each choice features benefits and drawbacks that you need to know to comprehend which option makes of the most sense for your company.

Once again, the general production expenses enter the picture and it is a considerable sign that will cause your choice. If you pick an abroad maker, primarily in an Asian nation such as China, you can lower production expenses substantially. You need to compute how much shipping and custom-made costs affect the cost.

Handling an abroad factory has an expense even in regards to energy and time. The various time zone, language, and cultural barriers, and the requirement to offer super-detailed item requirements to satisfy the quality you desire, all take a toll on your time. Because you can not physically go to the factory, unless you wish to include some additional expenses, quality assurance is more difficult compared to regional producers. You require a lot of preparation and double-checking prior to positioning your very first order. Not to be neglected is the reality that safeguarding your copyright might be harder when an abroad thermal underwear manufacturer handles the production.

On the other end, handling regional factories might raise a few of the concerns off you, however there are still some disadvantages. Considering that labor requirements are normally greater, regional producers are more costly. You have less alternatives to select from and regional makers are less vulnerable to flex to your demands compared to abroad companies. Considering that contracting out abroad is so typical now, it may even be difficult to discover a regional maker for some products.

As you assess your alternatives, likewise think about the makeup of your future clients. There are still numerous customers that associate abroad production with poor quality, although this is not always the case. Even issues about safeguarding human rights and the environment might not work well with abroad productions. If you think that these concerns are essential for your consumers, most likely you require to narrow down your option to regional makers.

When the dispute about regional or abroad thermal underwear manufacturers is figured out, you can now proceed to the many channels readily available to discover the ideal garment producer.

Market Meetups and Exhibition

Participating in these occasions has actually typically been among the fantastic methods to get in contact with a number of producers in a short time. Having direct contact offers you some hints about their dependability and the quality they provide. With the present Covid-19 crisis most occasions have actually been canceled, and when and to what scale they will resume is rather unsure.

Online Research Study

This choice comes as a no-brainer, however, it is for sure an excellent method to find numerous offered choices.

As a word of care, for a lot of garment makers, keeping their site approximately to date is not a top priority. You can not stop browsing at simply page one or 2 of Google. Be prepared to inspect all the pages offered and to utilize a range of search inquiries. If you continue, you might simply find a concealed gem.

Directory sites

Directory sites have actually lost much of their appeal however are still around and are an outstanding source to discover producers.

Amongst the most popular directory sites that we can discuss are Sqetch in Europe, Makers Row in the United States, and Kompass to discover abroad factories.

Online Marketplaces

This is a feasible choice if you wish to outsource your production overseas, particularly, to China. Alibaba and AliExpress are 2 significant markets where you can discover many choices. For each prospective producer, you can check out the evaluations of other clients to gather valuable ideas to make your choice.


Simply asking around is a terrific method to discover brand-new choices. Even if some thermal underwear manufacturers turn you down or do not satisfy your requirements, ask if they have any other tips for you. You might be impressed at the number of brand-new contacts you can gather.

What fabrics are good for thermal underwear and how to wear thermal underwear more comfortable

Thermal underwear is necessary for people in winter. With the continuous progress of the production process, the fabrics kinds used in men’s and women’s thermal underwear are gradually increasing. Many new environmentally friendly and excellent thermal insulation fabrics are used in products. What are the fabrics of thermal undergarments? Common materials are wool, bamboo charcoal, Modal, Lycra cotton, spandex, nylon, combed cotton and so on. When choosing thermal underwear, you can choose thermal underwear of different fabrics according to your needs and preferences. Let’s take a look at what fabrics are good for thermal underwear and how to wear thermal underwear more comfortable.

What fabrics are good for making thermal underwear

1, Wool

Wool fiber is soft and elastic, hygroscopicity, good warmth. Because wool has natural crimping, it can form many non-flowing air sections as a barrier, with good warmth preservation. Wool has very good tensile and elastic recovery, and has a special capillon structure and excellent bending, so it also has a good appearance retention.

2, Bamboo Charcoal

The biggest difference of the fiber is that each bamboo charcoal fiber is a honeycomb microporous structure through the inside and outside. This unique fiber structure design can make bamboo charcoal has the function of 100% play out. The birth of this multifunctional bamboo charcoal fiber is a revolutionary innovation of multifunctional textile materials.

3, Modal

The dry strength of Modal fiber is close to that of polyester, and the wet strength is much better than that of ordinary viscose. The luster, softness, moisture absorption, dyeing and dyeing fastness of Modal fiber are better than those of pure cotton products. The thermal underwear fabric made of modal shows a kind of silky luster, with pleasant soft touch and drape feeling and excellent wear performance, which is an ideal close-fitting fabric and health care clothing product, conducive to human physiological circulation and health.

4, Lycra

LYCRA can be freely elongated 4 to 7 times, and quickly return to the original length after the release of external force. It cannot be used alone, but can be interwoven with any other man-made or natural fiber. It does not change the appearance of the fabric, is an invisible fiber, can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. Lycra has outstanding stretch.

What fabrics are good for making thermal underwear

5, Spandex

Spandex is generally not used alone, but incorporated into the fabric in small amounts. This kind of fiber has both rubber and fiber properties. It is mostly used in core-spun yarn with spandex as the core yarn, which is called elastic core-spun yarn. Main characteristics of elastic core-spun yarn:

  • It can get good feel and appearance, and the outer fiber composed of natural fiber has good moisture absorption;
  • It can produce high quality stretch yarn with only 1-10% spandex filament.
  • The elastic percentage control range from 10% to 20%, according to the use of the product, choose different elastic value.

6, Nylon

Nylon ranked the first of all fibers, its durability is excellent. The elasticity and elastic recovery of nylon fabric is very good, but it is easy to deform under small external force, so the fabric is easy to wrinkle in the process of wearing and using, we must pay attention to the conditions of washing and maintenance, so as not to damage the fabric. Nylon fabric is a lightweight fabric, only listed in the synthetic fabric after polypropylene, acrylic fabric, therefore, suitable for making mountaineering clothing, winter clothing, etc.

7, Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is combed with a comb to remove the shorter fibers (up to 1CM) from the cotton fibers, leaving the longer and more orderly fibers. The cloth made of combed cotton yarn has higher quality level in texture, washable and durability. Cotton fiber has high strength, good wrinkle resistance and poor tensile property. Good heat resistance, second only to hemp; Poor acid resistance, dilute alkali resistance at room temperature; It has good affinity for dyes, easy to dye, complete chromatography, and bright color.

8, Polyester Fiber

Polyester fiber is polyester (PET, polyethylene terephthalate) as the main raw material, adding a certain functional master material, product density 136g/cm3, soluble in phenol tetrachloroethane, o-chlorophenol and other solvents, hygroscopicity is minimal, acid resistance, high chemical stability and polyamide, and has good light resistance. Fiber is not embrittlement and deformation in the temperature of -40℃–+250℃, each fiber is independent to provide great cohesion.

9, Kapok

Thermal underwear made of kapok is a natural green underwear product, with light soft, smooth surface, bright color, anti-static, it is not easy to tangle. Because kapok thermal underwear has the advantages of light, soft, smooth, bright, anti-static, not easy to tangle, moisture absorption and moisture conductivity, no mold, no moth, acid and alkali resistance at room temperature, it is favored by lots of consumers.

How to wear thermal underwear more comfortable

1, Wear it with autumn clothes

In fact, the correct way to wear thermal underwear is to avoid direct contacting with skin, the correct way is to wear a cotton autumn coat and then a thermal underwear, so as to make the skin more breathable. The ideal way to keep warm is to stabilize the air layer close to your skin. That is wearing an autumn coat under your thermal underwear. Autumn clothes keep the body dry and thermal underwear maintains a stable layer of air, which is the warmest.

2, Choose cotton thermal underwear

It is recommended that when purchasing thermal underwear, do not choose the sandwich style, the best is pure cotton texture, we all know that cotton clothes are comfortable to wear, and easy to breathe, can make the skin feel more comfortable.

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