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Seamless Underwear Manufacturers

What Can Seamless Underwear Manufacturers Do For You?

We guide you in establishing, customizing, and producing your own semaless knitted underwear collection.

Are you searching for customized seamless undergarments produced by a professional supplier? MAISHI GROUP, as an experienced seamless underwear manufacturer, we provide a standardized production process, from seamless knitting underclothing to normal underwear, panties, bras. Do not hesitate to request quotations about the possibilities we have to offer.

Nowadays, numerous men and women pick seamless underwear instead of common underwear because of its high comfort and convenience. Each manufacturer has its own distinct strengths which give us the possibility to provide you seamless underwear of superior quality at the finest possible rate.

We will help you customize & produce your own private label seamless underwear series, including women’s seamless panties, men’s boxer briefs, seamless thong & triangle underpants, etc.

#1, Yarn selection.

We are partnered with trustworthy providers of more than one hundred sorts of high-grade yarns. Our effective supply chain ensures a constant circulation of basic materials to make large orders of bulk seamless underwear. Astringent screen procedure remains in location to make certain we just make use of yarns that remain in outstanding condition.

Seamless underwear manufacturers China
#2, Sample making.

We can rapidly provide a sample of your customized underwear that remains real to your style. When continuing with the mass production, speed and precision of our tasting important to assist you to make the choice.

Our competent sample making technicians have 5-18 years of experience and access to advance circular knitting machines. We can settle samples in 2~3 times, allowing us to send you a precise sample of your seamless underwear style within 7 to 14 days.

What You Get with Wholesale Seamless Undergarments Manufacturer:

The 1st “Worriless Production” solution provider from China.


Why consistent quality? Total 5 inspections in the process of knitting, dyeing, sewing, ironing, packaging.


Cooperating with GymShark, Doyoueven, NewBalance, Hanes, etc.


Circular knitting machine sizes from Children’s size to oversize: Various measurements & all sizes!


Why timely delivery? Make your production schedule under control with our 3 production progress reports.


Get back to any inquiries within 1 day! 365 days without vacation!


Give us your rough idea, let’s easily communicate the possibilities of this design and make it a reality!

Benefits of Working with Private Label Seamless Underwear Manufacturers

There are many advantages of making private logo undergarments with seamless pants suppliers. A labeled undergarment will always sell for more money than a generic non-labeled piece, even if your brand name is not popular. If you retail third-party items, you will discover they are still rather costly to buy, even for seamless panties wholesalers so when you sell on the increase is marginalized.

With private label seamless underwear, once you have paid the production expenses, the shelf costs are for you to choose and you will discover usually this is a more significant earnings margin. Branding is a substantial advantage, it gives you an identity and scope for development.

All brands needed to start small, however the ones that wind up at the top have often pre-owned private labeling methods in the early stages.

A generic merchant will not discover the very same development capacity. You can add new undergarments to the variety, but due to the fact that they fall under your brand name, they have more congratulations than including non-branded items.

The FLow of Seamless Underwear Manufacturing:

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How To Customize Your Own Seamless Underwear in Bulk?

Type #1: Put your Brand/ Logo onto ChinaFitnessClothing’s inventory style.

Various styles, colors, and sizes are in stock. No Minumum Order Quantity for blank versions! Contact us and request a catalog!

Type #2: Customizing your private design style.

You may have a design department that creates great customized seamless panties styles. Providing us with accurate design specs as Tech Packs, Drawings, or Original Samples with modifying comments.

What they say:

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