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    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake

    How to Tell if Lululemon Leggings are Fake

    As a fan of lululemon, you may know How to Pick Lululemon Leggings, but do you know how to tell if Lululemon leggings are fake. Below,  from several points( the whole process, the logo, washable, size mark, package, body feeling) to get quick handling of how to tell if Lululemon leggings are fake.

    How Can You Tell Fake Lululemon

    The whole process

    LULU is a luxury in sports equipment. The technological content and design level of the fabric are certainly worthy of this luxury. So if you find that LULU fabric is crumpled, misaligned, or loosely threaded, you’re probably just getting an LVLV.

    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake1


    The real LULU logo is a smooth texture, rounded curve, gelatinous luster. There are several showing types of fake logos:

    The first, such as the second picture, has a little loop-legged feeling.

    The second kind is plastic to the touch and has rough edges, as shown in the third picture. Peeling can be done with a bit of force.

    The third, such as the fourth picture… Well, it’s OMEGA.

    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake1

    Wash label

    The real wash label is long and thin, the printing is clear and accurate, you may see spots like pearl powder under sunlight. And false wash label, the printing is not clear, the material is poor (maybe a white bar), and even there will be obvious spelling mistakes. Advanced test techniques: Real labels can be easily pulled off clothes without damaging the thread. Fake labels, you may tear the clothes.

    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake1

    Size mark

    The real size label is usually hidden in the pocket. The letters and numbers are imaginary. The middle number is the actual size.

    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake1


    The most obvious feature of true LULU hangtags is that there is a visible wire. Although embedded in the inner layer of the hangtag, it is absolutely visible to the naked eye, and the surface can be obviously felt by touching it.

    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake1

    Secondly, a lot of LVLV like to hang their tags directly on the wash label. LULU doesn’t do this. Some LVLV tag boards feel obviously thin and soft, touching it, you know it’s fake.


    LULU has produced many types of packaging, the best in the box, the second is the red and white theme handbag, and then plastic packaging of online shopping, but never a single logo printed transparent plastic bag packaging.

    how to tell if LuLulemon leggings are fake1

    Body feeling

    For senior LULU fans, just touch the fabric, and you will know whether it is true or false; For people with mild to moderate LULU fever, a pair of leggings can be reliably strapped on in less than two seconds.


    Believe it or not, real LULU smells like money.



    To spot a fake Lululemon product, you can look for the following signs:

    1. Poor quality materials: Authentic Lululemon products are made of high-quality, technical fabrics that are durable and designed to last. If the material feels cheap or looks worn, it may be a fake.
    2. Inaccurate logos and branding: Look closely at the logos and branding on the product. Authentic Lululemon products will have clear, accurate, and well-placed branding. If the logo is off-center, the font is wrong, or the color is different, it could be a fake.
    3. Sloppy stitching: Lululemon products are known for their high-quality construction, with even stitching and neat seams. If the stitching is uneven, loose, or crooked, it could be a fake.
    4. Incorrect tags and labeling: Check the tags and labeling on the product. Lululemon products will have accurate and complete information, including the style name, size, and fabric content. If the tags are missing, incomplete, or inaccurate, it may be a fake.
    5. Price: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Lululemon products are not cheap, so if you see a product being sold for significantly less than the retail price, it could be a fake.

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