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    What is Seamless Clothing?

    What is seamless clothing? Seamless clothing is a product of tridimensional one-time forming clothing produced by the seamless circular knitting device.

    Seamless means less sewing, fewer joints, and fewer stitches. There are no seamed lines all around the main body of seamless clothes, and fewer stitches on the other parts.

    What does seamless clothing mean in clothing? Seamless clothing likewise can be called seamless garments, or seamless wear, it generally describes the apparel used beside the skin, below external clothing. Such as seamless panties and briefs, seamless bras, seamless shapewear, and close-fitting seamless physical fitness clothes such as seamless shirts, crop tops, and seamless leggings.

    Users enjoy seamless clothes for the reason that they could be flexible, breathable, nonrestrictive and they are not binding. The reduction of joints offers increased unwind and leisure when the body relocates.

    what is seamless clothing
    What does seamless clothing mean in clothing?

    Why was Seamless Gym Clothing Born?

    Compared with woven apparel, seamless knitted clothing has the characteristics of being relaxed and comfortable, moving freely, being soft and close to the body, and having no sense of restraint, accounting for nearly 2/3 of the daily clothing consumption.

    Traditional knitting technology requires sewing knitted garments, but the thickness and seam marks of sewing will affect the comfort and aesthetics of knitted garments, especially tight-fitting and corset knitted garments. In order to solve the discomfort and appearance destructiveness of sewing technology to tight-fitting and corset knitted garments (mainly underwear at that time), seamless knitting technology came into being.

    History of Seamless Clothing Technology

    In 1984, after the world’s first seamless apparel knitting prototype came out, it was not widely used immediately because of the unstable test run of the equipment.

    It was not until 1992 that the world’s first seamless clothing was officially introduced to the market by Wolford Company of Austria. Wolford Company of Austria’s products mainly target luxury goods of high-end customers; Tefron Corporation of Israel is the largest seamless knitting clothing manufacturer in the world. These two enterprises are the leading enterprises in the whole seamless wear industry at that moment, and the renewal of its product series represents the technological development track of the whole industry.

    Breif introduction of seamless clothing history

    In the future, with the increasingly obvious design and development trend of “underwear for external wear” of seamless clothing products, the consumption substitution speed of seamless clothing for traditional textile clothing will also be accelerated, and finally, seamless wear products will become an important supplement to traditional knitted clothing and even woven clothing.

    What’s special about seamless clothing?

    1, Production procedure

    Routine clothing is primarily stitched from lots of pieces of cut fabric, there are lots of stitches throughout the material.

    Seamless clothing is made straight from a mix of yarn products consisting of Nylon yarn, Polyester yarn, Elastane yarn, Cotton yarn, and so on. These yarns are equally knitted in the interior of clothes in order of longitude and latitude. The semi-finished clothe is much like a big columnar sock.

    2, Appearance

    There are no stitching lines and threads in the main body parts and the waistband bottom of seamless gym wear.

    3, Custom-made jacquard pattern textures

    You might require to purchase an entire piece of existing jacquard material to make routine clothes, and all the patterns have actually been chosen by the material provider. You do not get a possibility to reveal your style skill even by yourself personal logo fitness apparel design products!

    Seamless knitted apparel has actually currently fixed this issue. The jacquard pattern on seamless clothing can be tailored easily. You can simply send your preferred jacquard style to the producer and they will weave them on in the knitting procedure.

    Is seamless clothing completely seamless or non-stitches?

    ” Seamless clothing is entirely no seamed lines!” That is the biggest misconception we have actually ever heard.

    ” Seamless” is relative to the principle of “Seamed”. The main body of clothing is one take, the crotch of underwear, the limbs of tops, the straps of bras all need to be sewn primitively.

    Although that cylindrical product knitted directly from the seamless knit machine already has most of the characteristics of ready-made garments, such as the curved part has been finalized, the final size has been determined, the elastic waistband has been installed, the trimming cut-out has been marked, and the edge line has been tied, etc., the seamless garments produced at present should be called “less sewing” garments, and some simple finishing procedures still need to be added.


    Seamless garments produced by warp knitting technology can basically achieve the technical effect of “weaving and wearing”, which is a “full-formed integral knitting processing technology” without post-processing or finishing procedures. However, due to equipment cost and technical maturity, technical improvements are being made before large-scale popularization.

    How to produce seamless clothing?

    The seamless clothing production procedure completely integrates mechanized knitting and manual sewing. This strategy considerably increases production efficiency and lowers compound decrease.

    The primary 5 production procedures are Computer system graphics, Knitting, Dyeing, Sewing, and Ironing.


    1, Computer system graphics (CG).

    This is a special step in the production of seamless clothing. The designer requires to develop a program in a computer system software application according to the sample design, and after that import the program into the circular knitting device for the “Blank fabric” weaving.

    2, Knitting or weaving.

    Weaving, will be the best distinction between seamless clothing and other clothes within the production technique. The semi-manufactured fabric of seamless clothing is knitted directly from yarn to semi-finished fabric with a maker, while routine fashion is made by eliminating the whole product.

    Seamless clothing factories use circular knitting equipment to weave. The semi-done textile woven from a seamless knitting machine is called “Blank cloth”.


    Knitters need to make sure that the blank fabric reaches the traditional weight and that there are no damaged yarns, horizontal details, or yarn errors. They will select the eligible garments and put them in the turnover package, for the next procedure– dyeing.

    3, Dyeing.

    Dyeing is normally completed in an expert clothing dyeing manufacturing facility. Some seamless clothing manufacturers get their own dyeing workshop and it also does conserve a number of the expenses.

    Optional color is also a big advantage. Just permit your clients to pick the favorable color cards they love!

    Here are the famous Pantone Colors you could use:

    4, Cutting and Sewing.

    Seamless clothing doesn’t indicate it will not need to be cut and sewed. The producer has to stop the extra textile over the cutting lines of the dyed cloth.

    Because of the elastic function of seamless clothing, sewing workers should be educated before they start work. That is certainly, “Skill originates from practice”.

    5, Ironing.

    Similar to sewed garments, it is a regimen stage. For seamless clothing, high-heat ironing includes a shaping effect to a certain degree. Ironers should pay more attention to the tension of the clothing during ironing to avoid the size deviation of the completed product.

    Seamless clothes benefits

    1, Body-building and close-fitting.

    You will not need to worry about bumps as well as folds. When regular apparel is cut and also stitched, the seamlines show up tighter than the textile panel due to the fact that even though the supplier uses zig-zag sewing for the four-way stretch material, the thread is not stretchy. This can in some cases leads to undesirable folds up that aren’t also flattering.

    2, Frictionless and no-chafing.

    Since seamless activewear minimizes stitching as well as cut-and-stitch, there are minimum seamlines as well as this will not create any type of rubbing or chafing on your skin as you won’t have any kind of awkward seams there to irritate or sidetrack you during training. Instead, the textile will relocate with your body, so you’ll be free to squat till you go down!

    3, Durable in use.

    There are no panels sewn with each other by non-elastic textiles that rip when they’re extended and also drawn away from one another.

    The reality that there are no heavily stitched seams in seamless garments suggests that it’s additionally incredibly resilient, making it a superb option for health club wear as clothes are frequently based on numerous pulls and stretches throughout a requiring training session.

    4, Light-weight.

    That’s why when you put on your seamless bras or leggings, they feel so light and so comfortable. When you’re putting your body at its speeds you require space to take a breath. Seamless fitness clothing is the ideal light layer that gives you support without really feeling heavy or bulky.

    Seamless clothing meaning

    5, Various customized designs.

    There are a number of variations for routine cut-and-stitch clothes, and the creativity can just be shown through prints or the color block methods. That’s a limit for designers.

    With seamless technology, a set of seamless leggings can be woven already with its own patterns, complete with perforated areas, and mesh-like areas. This is due to the fact that seamless garment knitting machines enable different knits to be put together side by side.

    According to the physiological characteristics of the human body, different tissue structures can be easily designed in different parts by using a tissue bank. Then, a single piece of cheesecloth with a seamless whole body can be woven by threading yarn on the machine, and then a small amount of cutting and sewing can be done according to the cutting line to form the required products.

    6, Cost-saving.

    For producers, the crucial benefits of creating seamless apparel are how much time is saved to create a garment. Semi-finished seamless clothing, on the other hand, can be knitted in minutes (although using a fairly expensive machine).

    In addition, material spreading and cutting and subsequent stitching operation is not there and eventually no material waste here. There is conservation of yarn and fabrics.

    7, Comfortable.

    A significant benefit of seamless apparel is the reality that these are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Such clothing is breathable, soft, composed of great material and highly flexible. Even when a little weight is placed on or shed, these can accustom quickly to the body and fit fine.


    How to choose suitable seamless clothing?

    1, Looseness or fitness

    When choosing seamless garments, people of different sizes need to choose different clothing styles. But for the looseness or fitness of clothing, no matter what size of people, a type of clothing that moves with your workout is always a suitable choice, which not only makes your exercise process easier.

    2, Water absorption

    When choosing clothes, different water absorption can also play different roles for different styles of clothes. For seamless bodybuilding clothes, it is inevitable to sweat during exercise. Activewear clothes with strong water absorption can not only keep the body dry during exercise but also make some good changes in exercise feeling.

    3, Warm-keeping

    When you exercise, your body will consume some heat. At this time, you need a fitness suite that can not only dissipate heat but also save some body heat. In this way, in the process of exercise, it can not only make the body feel comfortable but also reduce the damage during exercise. For gym enthusiasts, it is also a point to know when choosing seamless fitness clothes.

    4, Fitness environment

    For the choice of seamless clothing, there are some needs for the function of clothes such as compression tight clothes, and there will be different changes in the choice of fitness clothes for different fitness environments. For example, when exercising in the gym, choosing tight-fitting clothing can not only attract women in the gym but also make the body have some effects after exercise. For this time, it is also a suitable choice.

    5, Pattern

    When exercising along the road, different patterns and styles of seamless clothing are also a need to highlight personal charm. Choosing a fluorescent fitness suite can not only make your skin have some decorative effects but also make the exercise process more secure.

    What is seamless clothing meaning


    Types of seamless clothing

    1, Seamless underwear

    Seamless underwear, especially seamless cotton underwear is among the very best seamless underclothing choices because the material is healthy for the personal parts of the body, specifically for women, and its seamless cut avoids the inflammation of lots of traditional underclothing triggers. Likewise, it is the very best alternative for individuals who wish to prevent panty lines under their slimming clothing.

    2, Seamless leggings

    Seamless leggings are essential for someone who like to lead a sports way of life. Whether you want to work out or choose to feel comfy in your leisure life, seamless exercise leggings can offer your requirements. Its soft, elastic, versatile, and long-lasting structure makes it possible for the material to change according to your motion therefore it produces a continuous experience for the wearers.

    3, Seamless bra

    A seamless bra is a very best alternative for ladies who are searching for a fashion, convenience, and trendy take look at the exact same time. Because seamless knitted bras do not have so many sewing lines at the sides, it does not disrupt the skin or trigger any damage to the tissue, you can use them throughout the entire day with no concerns.

    Likewise, there are various alternatives that can be used with any sort of outer clothes or for various workouts. Seamless compression bra, a strapless bra, bra top, and push-up bra are a few of the females’ most chosen options.


    The development prospect of the seamless clothing industry

    Seamless innovation shortens the production process and decreases product wastage, using greater convenience and much better fit to the end-users.

    In 1998 a seamless garment contributed 2% of global underwear garment production, within 3-years it rose to 9% also in 2003 it was an 18% improvement, in 2007 it was 35%. In the future, the growth rate is anticipated to increase very high.

    Earlier seamless garment manufacturing was restricted to underwear. Now lots of style wear are being developed with this innovation like activewear and fitness apparel, swimsuit, bodysuits, and sports bras, shaping intimate clothing.

    With the capability to produce nearly any seamless shape the innovation has prospective in a variety of markets besides apparel. A variety of upholstery businesses is checking out the opportunities seamless knitting has to offer.

    The inherent stretch in seamless fabric provides the seat covers with an outstanding smooth appearance. There are a host of chances in the medical market for seamless knit products. Formed tubular constructions can be utilized for plasters, orthopedic supports, and compression stockings.

    Protective clothes is another location in which seamless clothing has enormous capacity. There is the capacity for hazardous compounds to permeate apparel in locations where joints lie. A seamless garment would provide added security to the wearer.

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