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    Top 10 Yoga Brands

    Yoga is about losing ourselves and establishing a connection between mind, body, and spirit. With the rise of yoga, there are more and more women yoga legging wholesalers. This article will introduce the Top 10 Yoga Brands in the world.

    List of Top 10 Yoga Brands


    1. Lululemon: the founder of the trend of athleisure

    Founded in Canada in 1998, you may want to know why lululemon is so popular.

    It is now listed: lulu (NYSE) US$371.48, with a total market value of US$ 48.355 billion.

    Features: Luxurious user experience and the most innovative retail concept, selling the quality lifestyle of sweat life. The quality, design, style, and details of the products are superior, claim not to be deformed for 5 years.

    2. Alo yoga

    Founded in 2007, yogis Talia Sutra, Ashley Galvin, Dylan Werner, etc. all wear Alo Yoga clothing. Famous stars like, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift are always to be shot wearing Alo yoga on the street.

    Features: American Los Angeles online celebrity sports brand. Full of street elements, it is necessary for actresses to shoot streets. Also, Antibacterial, quick-drying, hollowing, splicing, hole design, moto leggings.

    top 10 yoga brands:alo

    3. BEYOND YOGA- Niche high-quality brand

    Founded in California, Made in California, Designed in LA. Support local Los Angeles fashion industry as their publicity point.

    Features: Buttery soft athleisure that your body loves; empowering you to feel good in your own skin. The leggings use the technology of seamless and segment dyed fabric.

    4. Ultracor- Los Angeles street brand

    Introduction: made and designed in the USA, Arielle Noa Charnas, blogger Something Navy, fitness expert, Bethany Meyers, strongly recommended.

    Features: Los Angeles tide brand, with metallic sense, camouflage design, and color printing, built-in plastic briefs, and velvet.

    5. Koral- Los Angeles tide brand

    It is an American Los Angeles brand with Latin multiculturalism.

    The brand features: believing in embedding individuality, encoding creativity, And creating the highest quality performance fashion that complements everyone’s active lifestyle rather than chassis trends and w fast-fashion.

    Product Features: Eco-friendly, power sense, punk sense, bright color, metallic luster, fabric such as leather pants.

    top 10 yoga brands:koral

    6. Titikaactive

    TITIKA is committed to redefining sportswear through intelligent, fashionable, and practical design. Tight pants are no longer limited to yoga studios but can be seamlessly transferred to meeting rooms or night activities. TITIKA has brought a new level of liberation and made people live the most diversified life.

    Features: using sustainable fabric, like RENCEL, MODAL, LYCRA, CELLIANT, COTTON, SOYBEAN FIBER, which is soft, smooth, lightweight, natural, breathable, and durable.

    top 10 yoga brands

    7. P.E Nation

    Australia’s hottest new activewear brand.

    Brand features: Sports brand with both fashion sense and retro sense.

    Product features retro sports style, cool and contrasting colors.


    An English brand, the leggings feel likes lululemon, but the styles are more than lulu. Lululemon fans may have a look.

    sweaty betty---Top10 Yoga Brands

    9. Michi

    Designed by the hand of Canadian designer Michelle Watson, the light and thin fabric can feel the zero-burden wearing, and the appropriate elasticity can effectively lift the buttocks and show the perfect curve.


    This is a Swedish brand founded by two Lohas Tekla and Helen, who is livelihood schooler.

    It is worth mentioning that Aim’n uses color splicing in Legging design, forming a T-shaped design between crotch and hip, skillfully shaping the hip curve into the effect of the peach hip, especially suitable for girls with imperfect hip shape.

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