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What is Seamless Underwear?

Before we know how to make seamless underwear, let’s know what seamless underwear is. Seamless underwear is a kind of once formed seamless clothing produced by novel special equipment. Seamless underwear uses high technology to produce high elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and high elastic sportswear, so that neck, waist, buttocks and other parts do not need seams. Seamless underwear completely integrates comfort, fashion and change.

Traceless underwear is different from seamless underwear. The edge of underwear can’t see the trace of underwear on the body. That’s the concept of traceless underwear. That’s traceless underwear. The so-called “seamless underwear” is a kind of underwear produced by weft knitting with novel special equipment, which is basically a one-time molding.

The seamless underwear uses the high technology of producing high elastic knitted coats, underwear and high elastic sportswear so that the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts do not need seams, and only the crotch parts need patch technology as the next process. It combines comfort, consideration, fashion and change. It not only makes consumers love it but also deeply touches many internationally famous brand designers and becomes the source of inspiration.

Three-dimensional underwear has always been a part of the European and American clothing and underwear industry. It’s less cutting, less seam, close to the quality of comfort, has always been favored by female friends. In the market, seamless underwear prices, are also included in the high unit price of goods.

There is no sewing on both sides of the waist, the neck is the whole ring, and there is no sewing on both sides of the underwear.

According to the design and development of undergarments, the trend of today’s fashion is to wear it with low waist skirt pants, and the back buttocks do not leave trouser marks. Hip lifting and tailoring of fashionable underwear can modify the hip curve, naturally, lift the hip position, and show a beautiful hip shape. This kind of underwear is made of Lycra fiber from the former DuPont subsidiary NVIDIA company, which is added to cotton, nylon and other materials. It can be partially hollow and has unique elastic fiber. It is especially sweating absorbing, breathable, smooth, comfortable and close to the body. It is suitable for women of all ages.

The seamless underwear is classified as flat-legged pants, briefs, t-pants, etc.

A kind of mini underpants, also known as “t” type pants, is a thorough Western Naturalism school, breaking through the traditional concept. Especially with jeans and tights, it won’t leave a scratch on the hips, so it can be called the real traceless underwear.

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