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    How to pick lululemon leggings

    How to Pick Lululemon Leggings

    Last time we talked about the top 10 yoga brands. It’s exciting every time you shop Lululemon store because you know you’re going to walk away with some incredibly high-quality pieces. Today we are going to give an introduction on how to pick lululemon leggings in terms of length and styles.

    • Length:

    Lululemon pants come in different lengths:





    crop19′, I’m not a big fan of these lengths and they can make the calves look more noticeable.

    21′ pants will be slightly longer than crop19′, with more ankle exposed.

    A 25′ pair of pants will fit right up to the ankle for a little guy, like shorter pants, which are a nice length. And there will be no trousers like the pile on the ankle cumbersome feeling.

    28′ pants are not recommended by most people, because the material of pants is easy to be affected if you step on them for a long time. If you do not step on them, they will appear short legs and cumbersome when accumulated to the ankle.

    • Styles:  

    Wunder under

    Wunder Under is the most common type of lulu. There are several different fabrics underneath it:

    1) Full on luon

    One of Lulu’s original fabrics, black technology of four-way stretch.

    Advantages: It will wrap the legs very well, and be very elastic, no matter how to wash, won’t be easy to deform.

    Disadvantages: slightly thick, would be hot in summer.

    2) full on luxtreme

    Compared with luon, this fabric has a better wrapping feeling and has the characteristics of fast-drying, smooth when wearing.

    Advantages: achieving elongating legs and lifting hips.

    The visuals are shaping,

    3)full on Nulux

    Full on Nulux is an updated version of luxTreme, compare to Lux, it dries faster, cools better, and it is super light. Of course, the price is also more expensive than the previous ones.

    When you don’t own many yoga pants, quick-drying is a really important point…

    How to pick lululemon leggings 2


    Align is made of Nulu, officially described as “buttery,” and feels so soft and waxy that it’s a blast to wear. This is also my first Lululemon. I didn’t want to put it off on my first try.

    The fabric is also elastic on all sides and returns quickly to its original shape when taken off. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t get any sticky when it sweats, and it quickly spreads the sweat outside. The support isn’t as strong and doesn’t hold you back from stretching, but you’ll see your stomach flatten and your legs shape better.

    If you need to practice yoga on a regular basis, it’s the best choice.

    Disadvantages: No quick drying. The support may not be enough for some people who like to wear tight pants.

    In Movement

    This style is between Wunder Under and Align, it has a certain softness and a certain wrapping. It will have a fancier cut-and-splice design than the other two. The official announcement is suitable for yoga or fitness training. And it is comfortable and can be dry quickly.

    Fast and free

    The fabric is nulux (slightly smoother feel), sculpted than Align, and thinner than Wunder. The pants are also spliced, with phone pockets on the side of the legs and a row of reflections at the ankles. Ideal for running and strength training.

    All the right places

    What I like most about it is that the front end adopts a seamless design to prevent embarrassing private parts from appearing. It’s also a good design, with some pants showing the front end as soon as they’re worn. While this one is good for running.

    On Pace

    Nulux fabrics. Designed for running and other hot sweat sports, it’s as comfortable as Fast and Free for contouring. Mid-waist design. Some styles have patchwork and side pockets.

    Speed Up

    Full-on Luxtreme fabric, designed for running, is also suitable for other hot sweat sports. Mid-waist design with pockets on both sides and reflective strips at the ankles.

    Train Times

    Full-on Luxtreme fabric with high support and a good fit for all kinds of high-intensity strength training. High-waisted design. Good for: jump and strength training.

    Tips: Go one size smaller! I bought size S. After listening to my yoga teacher’s advice, I tried XS, and my muscles tightened better. Of course, don’t buy small, the best way is to go to the store to try.


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