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why we cannot print logo on waist

Why We Cannot Print Logo On Waist

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When ordering stock items from us, you want to print a logo icon or wording slogan on the leggings belt or bra’s belt. but we suggested you not do that. You may wonder why we cannot print logo on waist.

Because it has risk of cracking of logo, as below photo shows:

Why we couldn’t print logo on waist/belt

But why lululemon can print their logo on the back waist belt?

>> Because lululemon leggings are not seamless leggings.

Besides, our seamless leggings are of great elastic than normal leggings, and has rib on belt, most of the seamless leggings are made of nylon and spandex, these two fabrics are great elastic.

It has great tension in the waistband. So every time you wear and take off, it will bring a stretch to the logo of the back waist, increasing the risk of cracking.

Is there different material for the logo printing?

>>Yes, even though we use the highest elastic material for logo making, can not guarantee you that the logo printed on the back waist will not crack after wearing and washing it for a long time.

Therefore, we normally suggest our clients print the logo in the following position.

I still want to print the logo on the waist belt, how should I do it, is there another solution?

>>We respect your decision, but we do not responsible for your future complaint it causes.

>> If you still want the logo on waistband, another solution is custom seamless leggings with us.

Like Alphalete, AURORA, ECHT, and NVGTN, that wording are all knitted during the process of leggings knitting.

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Please check the article on how are seamless leggings made.

If you are interested in seamless leggings making, please contact us.

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