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    what is berber fleece

    What is Berber Fleece

    Before talking about what is berber fleece, let’s first have a look at what is lamb wool.

    Know about lamb wool


    what is berber fleece


    Lamb wool is taken from the sheep when it is first sheared (about 7 months of age). It is naturally very soft, smooth and elastic, and softer than ordinary wool. Therefore, the yarn spun from this material has a better feeling than ordinary wool, better thermal performance than ordinary wool, but at a higher price.

    Because the length and fineness of Lamb wool are between wool and cashmere, making it softer and warmer than ordinary wool. Its value is between ordinary wool and cashmere, that is, it is a kind of “high-grade wool” material, the price is naturally higher.

    Features: a natural material, soft, smooth and elastic, high cost

    what is berber fleece


    Then what is Berber fleece?


    what is berber fleece


    Berber fleece is a high-performance fabric that is extremely warm, soft, and lightweight. With a curly, slightly nubby texture and subtly flecked appearance, it has a plush sweater-knit backing. Comparable in softness and insulating properties to natural fur, it has a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

    But in a word, It’s fake lamb wool.

    It is synthetic, usually made of 70% polyester and 30% acrylic high-speed warp knitting fabric. It can feel soft and fluffy like lamb hair, and it is not easy to be deformed, which is more durable than natural wool products.

    There is a difference between lamb wool and Berber fleece. Berber fleece is actually synthetic, which is not nearly as valuable as cashmere, but is also a natural insulator.

    The difference between lamb wool and Berber fleece:

    1. Different components
    Lamb Wool (about 7 months old) taken from the first cut of a sheep and intermediate in length and fineness between wool and cashmere;
    Berber fleece: High-grade wool intermediate between cashmere and ordinary wool, actually synthetic wool.

    2. Different nature
    Lamb wool: natural wool, soft, smooth and elastic, its finished suede texture is fine, softer than ordinary wool.
    Berber fleece: imitation cashmere, the chemical composition is 70% polyester, 30% nitrile.

    3. Different application
    Lamb wool is a common ingredient in winter clothing and can be worn over a cool leather jacket or a long coat, whether with a fur collar or piping.
    Berber fleece is not as expensive as lamb wool, but it has a good thermal effect, widely used in home textiles, clothing, toys. High-quality lamb down fabric is used in the inner of a winter coat, with strong warmth protection.

    How to tell it is lamb wool or Berber fleece:

    In the hidden part of the product to extract a wool thread, on the fire, if it becomes ashes, a pinch will be broken that is true wool if it becomes scorched and has a pungent plastic burning taste that is imitation lamb wool (Berber fleece).

    As a very common fabric in fashion, Berber clothing, like UNIQLO, home textile, Berber fleece price is much lower than lamb wool, belongs to the cost-effective choice.

    what is berber fleece

    Features: non-natural, artificial synthetic chemical fiber products, low cost.

    Good air permeability and drape.

    Soft texture, light and transparent, feel smooth and elastic.

    Good body feeling: comfortable feeling is very strong, very elegant.

    Not easy to deform and wrinkle after high-temperature shrinkage treatment.

    Good physical properties, high fiber strength, wear-resistance, and durability.

    Good chemical properties, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, moth resistance, mold resistance

    Know about pollar fleece


    what is berber fleece

    Here’s another fabric called pollar Fleece which is similar to the above two in appearance.

    It is made of polyester woven by a large circular machine,  and then processed by dyeing, drawing, carding, shearing, shaking, and other complex processes.

    According to the different specifications of polyester, it is categorized into staple fiber and long fiber. Polyester spun polar fleece is more expensive than polar fleece, which is used to make clothes, and polyester filament polar fleece is used to make household carpets.

    Pollar fleece has a relatively short history. Polartec, an American company, didn’t release its first Polartec product until 1981. Click here to know more about what is pollar fleece.

    what is berber fleece

    Because the manufacturing process is relatively complex, so the introduction of shaker fleece cost is very high, fortunately, Uniqlo and other brands continue to learn to optimize the pollar fleece production technology process, so that the affordable version of pollar fleece began to be applied, but also become a representative single product in winter clothing, which gain increasing popularity these days.

    what is berber fleece

    polar fleece can also be combined with all other fabrics, such as knitting, denim, and so on, to enhance the effect of defending cold and warm.

    what is berber fleece

    Features: artificial synthetic 100% polyester fiber, cold and warm and lightweight, cost-effective.

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