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    why wear a sports bra

    Why Wear A Sports Bra?

    For girls who love sports, there is one thing that can never be lost! That’s sports underwear! Why Wear a sports bra?

    Sports underwear is very important for girls, some girls may wear their normal underwear to exercise. We are strongly opposed to this. Girls, stop hurting yourself!

    4 Reasons why Wear sports underwear!


    Reduce shaking during motion

    If you’ve ever worked out in regular underwear, you probably already know how uncomfortable chest shaking can be. For girls, there’s enough to be aware of during exercise without worrying about your boobs flying around. It can be distracting if your breast keeps moving or aches!

    The movement causes the chest to shake. Rocking in the right sports bra is minimal.

    Breast wobbles from intense exercise can become severe pain, especially if your breast is particularly sensitive. Sports bras have a number of unique designs to reduce jiggling during exercise. As long as you wear a well-fitting, properly supported sports bra, you can reduce shaking and feel the support and security that a sports bra gives you.

    Protect your delicate breast tissue

    Research shows, the mobile distance that the breast moves during running can achieve 15 centimeters, among them 50% belongs to up and down movement, left and right sides, and front and back movement account for 25% each.

    In the long run, it may induce chest pain and breast atrophy. This shows, female friends are undertaking when violent motion, cannot ignore the experience of the breast certainly, should do protective measure, otherwise the consequence is very serious.

    Sports bras offer better breast protection during exercise than regular bras. The function of ordinary underwear is mainly to reshape and improve the appearance of the breast, while the purpose of sports underwear is to reduce the movement of the female breast during exercise as much as possible, reducing the impact of violent exercise on the breast.

    Proper support also reduces rocking and reduces breast sagging.

     Your shoulder straps will no longer slip around

    Imagine if the straps of your bra kept falling off your shoulders during a boxing aerobics class. Would you want to take it off and throw it away? Wearing Underwear should never stop you from exercising.

    Of all the sports bra designs, one of the most convenient: non-slip straps.

    Because sports bra straps are designed to stay where they are, like crossover straps or race-style straps, you don’t have to worry about them slipping off your shoulders at any intensity. Even if you opt for a plain shoulder strap, as long as you wear a well-fitting sports bra, this just won’t happen.

    While your daily bra may not fall off at some point, there are additional requirements for sports bras for high-intensity workouts. In addition to the shoulder strap construction, the shoulder strap may be thickened or have an additional padding design for stability and comfort.

    More comfortable

    You should still feel comfortable in your underwear on a regular basis if the bra you choose fits well. But the requirements for comfort in sports are very, very high, and a little imperfection can often have unwanted consequences. For yoga, Pilates, boxing cardio, or weight training, you’re going to be bending your torso a lot, and you’re going to want your sports bra to be underwired or stretchy. In this case, a sports bra would be far more comfortable than a traditional bra.

    Steel rims aside, sports bras are softer and more skin-friendly than regular underwear, wicking moisture. If you need more support, you can also choose from wide shoulder straps, wide bottom girders, or full-wrap designs. It all adds up and depending on your needs, you always have more comfortable sports bra options. Plus, because sports bras are designed from the start to reduce rocking during exercise, your breasts will feel less uncomfortable.


    The key to choosing a sports bra!


    From the perspective of sports medicine, sports bras must meet the following two aspects:

    The bump that can limit bosom moves amplitude, no matter to which direction: the bump of bosom moves amplitude should be in less than 3 centimeters (fluctuation left and right sides wait for all directions), in order to protect mammary suspensory ligament does not suffer injury, good prop up protection, bear the weight that holds a breast through even tension, and be not to compress the bosom simply.

    The chest should be supported naturally: during exercise, the breast should move with the chest to reduce the stretching caused by inertial impact.

    From the perspective of sports, a sports bra should:

    Feel comfortable wearing bra when exercising

    Sweat should flow out of the bra instead of being absorbed by the fabric, and the temperature between the skin and the fabric should be within the normal range.

    From the adaptability of other organs of the body, sports bras should

    Allow the shoulder to rotate freely without hindering the free movement of the shoulder blades.

    Wider straps carry chest weight: Thinner straps focus the chest weight on a small area of the shoulders, which creates red marks

    From a design point of view, a sports bra cannot have the three structures of a traditional bra

    No underwire: avoid damage to the suspensory ligament of the breast.

    Shoulder straps should not have adjustments: on the one hand to make the support more even and effective, and on the other hand to prevent the plastic adjuster from chafing the skin.

    Juncture must flat off: avoid rough impetuous juncture to wear skin.

    Squeeze sports bras can hurt your breasts. Wearing an everyday bra while exercising can damage your breasts;

    Why Wear A Sports Bra?


    In order to protect yourself, as well as fragile chest tissue, you must think carefully about your sports equipment before exercising. If you only have one item in your budget, sports bras are definitely your only option.

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