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Yoga pants brand recommendation

Yoga Pants Brand Recommendation


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There are all kinds of yoga pants on the market. Browse on to see yoga pants recommendation:

There are three main categories in Yoga pants brands.

The first category is Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, Decathlon. These four are the head of the international sports brand with strong research and development ability, so their production of yoga pants have better reflected on movement function, such as the stability, protective to the body, but there is a certain gap with other brands in terms of appearance, price, and the fabric comfort.

How do I choose yoga pants

The second category is yoga pants specialized sports brands represented by Lululemon and GYM SHARK. These brands are highly professional, whose pants are of high comfort and beauty. Lululemon, in particular. And now many internet celebrities are promoting these brands. But the disadvantage of these pants is that the price is too high for ordinary consumers.

How do I Choose Yoga Pants

The third category is labeled or factory original order foreign trade goods. Such as online wholesale seamless leggings manufacturers. The advantage is that the price is cheap, if the money is not so rich, and you also do not care whether the pants are made by a big brand, you can consider buying this kind of product.

What kind of fabric is most suitable for women’s yoga pants?

Choosing the fabric is the most important step.
Poor quality materials can cause itching, sag during post-practice sessions and stink after a yoga class.Why some yoga pants are cheap and others are more expensive is due to the composition of the fabric.
Yoga pants for men and women are generally made of pure cotton, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, synthetic fiber, cotton and synthetic fiber blends.
Let’s look at each fabric case by case: we focus on the properties and characteristics of each material.

Bamboo Fiber Yoga Pants: Bamboo fiber (also known as bamboo pulp) is a relatively natural organic material that is processed into a lightweight, breathable fabric, sometimes called rayon. In general, its performance properties, such as its ability to absorb moisture and prevent the accumulation of sweat odor, make it a good fabric for yoga clothing, especially yoga pants.
Thanks to their temperature-regulating properties, bamboo fiber yoga pants can keep you cool and dry when hot and warm when cold.
The bamboo fabric is soft, gentle and loose, comfortable to wear even on sensitive skin, making it comfortable for both restorative yoga practices and intense rocket flow yoga.
In addition, it is durable and durable.

Cotton yoga pants

Cotton yoga pants are comfortable and soft. It’s great for stretching, practicing restorative and moderate-tempo yoga, and taking a break after class. Note that cotton is very absorbent. If you wear loose cotton yoga pants for your cardio workout, expect them to become sticky and heavy as you sweat — though they’re usually very comfortable. Studies have shown that it takes longer for the body to cool down and the feeling of sweating lasts longer if you wear cotton clothes than if you wear synthetic fabrics. So if you’re going to do hot yoga, cotton pants aren’t the best choice. On the other hand, tight cotton yoga pants won’t affect your practice much after you sweat (unless you’re a sweaty bum).
Synthetic materials
Synthetic materials include synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, spandex and polyvinyl chloride. Synthetic materials are suitable for most sports, both vigorous and relaxed. For example, nylon and polyester blends are excellent in terms of moisture absorption. Instead of being absorbed by the fabric, sweat evaporates from the skin, helping you stay dry and avoid sweat marks. Nylon and polyester yoga pants are also breathable to help skin breathe and regulate temperature.

Another synthetic material, spandex, also known as lycra, prevents yoga pants from deforming. It makes them elastic and keeps their shape for years to come. Synthetic fabrics don’t feel as soft and pleasant as cotton or bamboo, but they are more durable and resistant to fading. That being said, synthetic materials create a paradise for smelly bacteria, so your yoga pants are likely to start smelling like sweat after a class.


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