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    4 FAQs When Customizing Clothing

    4 FAQs When Customizing Clothing

    Creating one’s own brand is interesting, now you may know how to customize seamless clothing but you also have to think about the following 4 FAQs when customize clothing.


    We know that customized clothing is the one with its own style and unique designs. By producing with a design or illustration on the clothing, the clothing itself looks personalized for customers.  It is not enough to have the clothing with a personalized design. Also, you have to think about the logo print, the wash label, the hangtags, and the package.

    1. Logo print


    Every brand has its own logo design. Our manufacturer offers 4 ways in logo printing:

    Offset Print Transfer printing, screen printing, silicone,

    The first one is the most recommended with high-cost performance.

    a picture of logo printing sample of when customize clothing


    a picture of printing logo sample of when customize clothing

    On the basis of this method of printing. The logo mold fee is 49usd which will be paid by customers (white, black, silver, or any other colors with custom size). One mold can produce about 150pcs logo in 5cm*5cm size.

    You may ask what if the size is bigger or smaller than 5cm*5cm. In this case, the actual amount one mold can print depends on the size of the logo.

    Normally, the client provides a logo design draft and we will help you confirm how many of your logos can be made per mold.

    About the screen printing, silicone. Because there are not many people using this style, there is no charging standard, and the cost needs to be calculated according to the actual design logo.

    And the last one, the Seamless knitted logo. This logo must be woven into the production process, so there will be a minimum order quantity, please consult us for details.

    a picture of knitted logo sample of customize clothing

    2. Wash label


    Our manufacturer has got two types of Washing labels, one is directly printed on the clothes, the other is sewn on the clothes;

    The Production in stock has been sewn or ironed with a wash label, so you do not need to worry about the non-water washing label, please refer to the picture below.

    Of course, if the order quantity reaches 100-200 pieces per style, we can customize your own washing label according to your needs.

    a picture of washing lables sample of customize clothing


    3. Hangtags


    Using hangtags is a directly visible way to promote the brand directly to customers, our tags help you to display your brand in an elegant way. We offer hangtags service, the hangtag card is 350g. You can design the tag as you like. The MOQ is 500piece per style. And there is a string buckle, normally we recommend Bullet Tag.

    a picture of hangtags sample of customize clothing

    4. Package


    We offer two types of packages. The one is a double frosted customized logo bag,14C, on which can add some words on the surface of the package, the other one is neutral packing without any words besides size word.

    a picture of package sample of customizing clothing

    Attention: The customized logo bag has a MOQ, which is 3000piece per style.

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