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    FAQ about yoga pants

    FAQ about Yoga Pants

    Yoga pants are a hot item these days, let’s browse some FAQ about yoga pants


    Q 1: Which brand of yoga pants is good?

    A: If you are not in need of money, go to Lululemon or GYMSHARK, which are the best time-saving and high-quality choices, well, do you even and ETCH are also a good brand. However, a big brand normally has a higher cost. In China, you can find some wholesale seamless leggings manufacturers who produce leggings of good quality at a lower price. You know, for bigger brands, they find OEM factories in China for production and processing.

    Q 2: What kind of fabric is better for yoga pants?

    A: Nylon + spandex combination is better, and spandex content should be greater than or equal to 30%, such pants, the air permeability, extension, quick-drying, comfort will be better.

    Q 3: What’s the difference between yoga pants and shark pants?

    A: Shark pants first referred to yoga pants from brand GYMSHARK. So shark pants are now basically synonymous with yoga pants.


    Q 4: What’s the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

    A: Yoga pants focus more on the athleticism of pants, and are usually thinner, more breathable, less warm, and faster to dry than leggings. In short, yoga pants are fully optimized for sports while leggings are a more common pair of underwear pants.

    Q 5: What’s the difference between yoga pants and running pants?

    A: Running pants are mostly tighter and don’t stretch as well as yoga pants. Yoga pants are great for light running workouts, but for high-intensity runs, please wear running pants or compression pants.

    Q 6: Are yoga pants good for running?

    A: see above, suitable for light running. Heavy running is not suitable.

    Q 7: What is liquid Lycra?

    A: Liquid Lycra is a printing technology developed by Lycra in the US that prints patterns or color blocks onto the fabric to form directional support.

    FAQ about Yoga Pants

    Q 8: Is it always good to have lycra in the fabric?

    A: Not necessarily. There are many factors that determine whether a style of yoga pants is good to wear. The addition of Lycra does not guarantee that the fabric is reliable.

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