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    Why Should We Wear a Sports Bra When Workout

    Why Should We Wear a Sports Bra When Workout

    There are so many different types of underwear on the market these days, you might be wondering, what is the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra and Why Should We Wear a Sports Bra When Workout, browse on to find your answers!

    What is a sports bra?


    Sports bras are designed to be worn during exercise. They are designed to focus on support, reduced chest movement, and quick perspiration.

    They are sturdier than a regular bra which can minimize breast movement and reduce discomfort. Many people wear sports bras to relieve pain and discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise.


    The difference between a sports bra and a regular bra


    Regular underwear are mainly made from cotton, flax fiber, and so on. They are comfortable and beautiful, But they are designed for everyday wear. So their design focuses on support, silhouette, and aesthetics.


    Sports underwear is made of fast-drying fabric, mostly made of pure brocade, polyester, polyester, etc., with good wear resistance; The inner fabric and back structure of sports underwear are mostly breathable mesh, which helps to sweat quickly. They are designed to focus on support, reduced chest movement, and quick perspiration.


    Why should we wear a sports bra when workout?


    1. Protect breasts and avoid sagging:

    Because women’s breasts, mainly made up of glandular tissue and mostly adipose tissue, no muscle! It relies on Coopers’ ligaments and skin to provide support.

    Why should we wear a  sports bra when workout

    During lots of repetitions or intense exercise, the breasts shake violently and pull ligaments. Once the ligament is stretched, it is the nightmare of all women — sagging breasts, and what’s worse, it is irreversible except for surgery!

    Like overstretching a rubber band, the cooper’s ligament, which holds the breast together, is irreversibly repaired once damaged, which is why sports bras are especially important and that’s why we should wear sportswear when workout.


    In a 2007 study of 70 women, Dr. Joanna Scurr of the University of Portsmouth in England found that breasts move in one of three directions during exercise:

    • Up and down
    • Side to side
    • In and out

    The study also showed that the maximum range of breast movement during exercise could be up to 21cm, rather than 16cm as previous research had suggested. Even in Small sizes, there is a noticeable wobble!

    Why should we wear a sports bra when workout


    When an average person runs for a mile, her breasts will move 135 meters along with it.

    Why should we wear a  sports bra when workout

    Even A-cup girls, there will be about 4cm of breast shaking during exercise;

    For girls with large breasts, chest shaking can reach more than 10cm when exercising.

    Why should we a wear a  sports bra when workout

    This kind of big swing for a long time can make the big bosom prolapse, small bosom become smaller and smaller, still may cause problems such as a tear of the pectoral muscle. And these are irreversible damage ah!

    However, with the protection of professional sports underwear, the swaying of breasts during exercise can be reduced by more than 70 percent. Moreover, sports underwear with good support and strong air permeability will make the process of exercise more comfortable.

    Why should we wear a  sports bra when workout

    Therefore, to avoid breast losing and sagging, no matter what cup size you are or what kind of sports you chose, it is recommended that each woman must put on sports underwear.


    2. Quick-perspiration

    A large amount of exercise for a long time, there will be a lot of sweat, if the sweat doesn’t come out in time, it will also cause skin inflammation and sweaty patches. The fabric of sports underwear is usually made of high elastic cotton, which is suitable for sweating, keeping warm, and good for limb stretching.


    In addition to providing extreme support, sports bras have the following benefits:

    • Boost confidence

    If breast movement makes you feel uncomfortable working out, you have to worry about whether your underwear will fall off, it will definitely affect your performance. A sports bra can provide you with support and confidence when you’re exercise.


    • Avoid discomfort

    Even low-intensity exercise can be uncomfortable if your breasts are not fixed in place. And sports underwear is a good solution to this problem. Wearing a sports bra during exercise ensures that breasts don’t shake and stay in place throughout the workout and don’t spill on the outer edges of breasts.


    • Relieve breast pain

    As mentioned before he breast moves in three directions (up and down, left and right, inside and outside) during exercise, which can cause pain after exercise. However, the sports bra can limit the movement of the breast. Therefore, wearers can feel the pain relieved or no pain at all even after intense exercise.


    • Moisture absorption and sweat removal

    Sports bras are usually made of high-performance sports materials with moisture absorption and sweat removal properties. While chest sweating is a normal part of the exercise, it can also cause skin irritation and sweaty patches accumulated. Sports bras are designed for exercise that can help keep your breasts dry.


    • Prevent sagging of the breast

    Overstretching the muscles and ligaments of the breast can cause a condition of sagging breasts. Sports bras are designed to provide support and stability and help keep your breasts in shape while you exercise.


    • Help heal after surgery

    Because they minimize chest movement, doctors can also recommend sports bras if you are recovering from any type of breast surgery.


    • Avoid staring from others

    A good sports bra fits snugly to the upper body and holds the breasts in place, which is a great benefit, especially for heavy-breasted women. While a sports bra won’t guarantee that a man will stop staring, but at least it will reduce those awkward moments.

    Now, you have learnt the reason why we should wear a sports bra when workout.  And you can custom seamless sportsbra by browsing our website.

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