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    Should I wear underwear under compression shorts

    Should I Wear Underwear Under Compression Shorts

    This is not at all an uncommon problem for fitness beginners. Some people may feel uncomfortable wearing nothing under their compression shorts. But because the compression shorts feel so fitted and natural, they fall into the strange association of outerwear and underwear at the same time. So the question” should I wear underwear under compression shorts” has confused many people.

    Maybe we can reframe the question: Do I wear these compression shorts as underwear or as outerwear? Or you could say that:


    • Should I wear underwear under compression shorts for modesty reasons?
    • Should I wear underwear under compression shorts for athletic reasons?

    Here’s the thing. For the first question, since compressed shorts don’t have pockets, if you need to carry small items when you exercise, you can use compressed shorts as underwear, and you can always wear shorts on top of compression shorts.

    For the second question, considering the two properties of compression shorts, underwear should not be worn under compression shorts. Since compression suits are designed to be worn close to the skin (i.e. as a base layer), wearing an item of clothing under compression suits may hinder the benefits of wearing them.

    One, they help hold muscles in place by compressing them;

    Two, they help keep your muscles light and dry during your solid workouts by wicking sweat away from your skin. By preventing moisture and sweat from your skin, compression shorts cool your body during strenuous exercise, thereby regulating your body temperature.

    The benefits of compression shorts.

    1. Full oxygen supply
    2. Muscles supporting
    3. Body recovery
    4. Provide breathability
    5. Improve flexibility
    6. Cold-proof
    7. Wicking
    8. Provide comfort
    9. Keep the optimum temperature
    10. Release fatigue
    11. Better exercise effect
    12. Reduce injury

    What will happen if you wear underwear under compression shorts?

    When your workout gets intense and you sweat a lot, the underwear absorbs all the sweat and moisture from your skin. This will cause your compression shorts to become damp, which will affect their breathability. Your compression shorts don’t control your temperature, either. This will only lead to more sweating, which will eventually make you burn out faster.

    If you feel more comfortable wearing underwear under tight shorts, that’s fine.

    But one thing to watch out for is the seams of your underwear. The pressure created by compression shorts can cause friction and general discomfort. Therefore, you may want to consider the seamless lingerie option, which has become a popular option. Many brands, including sportswear, offer seamless lingerie options as well as wholesale seamless leggings manufacturers.

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