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    How long does a sports bra last

    How Long Does A Sports Bra Last

    We all know that running shoes wear down over time, and sports underwear is no exception. Sports bras will lose their supportiveness over time. And how long does a sports bra last?

    How do we know if our bras are past their prime?

    The prime age for sports bras is 6-12 months. It depends of course on the type and frequency of exercise you do. High-intensity exercise and running marathons can wear out bras faster than jogging or yoga. The following phenomena shows that you may change the bra:

    • Sliding straps

    If your bra straps slide around, like slip off your shoulders during exercise, or you can’t adjust them at will, they’re probably worn out.

    • Loose bottom of the bra

    If you notice that the bottom of your bra is loose, it means you are no longer getting the support you need, try to tug on the bottom band. If there is little resistance, then it means the bra has passed its prime.

    • Fade

    When you notice that your bra fades and darkens, it may be time to buy a new bra.

    • Fraying

    Frayed edges or exposed clasp can cause skin irritation, which is another sign that a bra needs to be replaced.

    How long does a sports bra last

    What makes sports bras wear out?

    We know that sports bras protect breasts from repetitive bouncing and pulling caused by running and intensive exercise, and this energy will transfer to the bra’s support system. The bras stretch and shrink as they share the impact, and over time, their fibers, elasticity, and other components become weak and eventually be worn out.

    Plus, it is due to all the washing.

    • The washing machine. The more you wash a bra, the faster it breaks down.
    • The dryer. The heat from the dryer can damage the bra’s elastic bands, which are the most important part to provide support to a sports bra.
    • Body oil. Oil on the body can clog the fabric, making it less breathable.

    How to wash sports bras in the right way?

    1. sports underwear should be cleaned in time, so as not to affect the service life of underwear due to sweat stains.
    2. Wash by hand with warm water and avoid rubbing and twisting to prevent damaging elasticity.
    3. Do not mix with other clothes in the washing machine to prevent cross-infection of germs carried by dirty clothes, and also to avoid deformation and staining as well as fraying.
    4. To stack clean sports underwear neatly, not crumple. Before washing, it is best to separate in the ball bag, keep it sanitary.

    How long does a sports bra last, When should we replace our sports bra?

    In general, you should get a new sports bra every six months to a year.


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