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    What makes good yoga pants

    What Makes Good Yoga Pants?

    Yoga practice would be incomplete without a good pair of yoga pants. So what makes good yoga pants?


    1. Comfort


    This applies to all pants, not just yoga pants. About size matters! Be sure to check the size lists that different brands provide for their yoga pants and choose accordingly. The choice of size will affect your yoga practice. Many women prefer high-waisted pants because they leave more room for deep stretching. And you don’t have to worry about the top of your muffin sticking out!

    What is comfort:

    • You don’t have to stop in the middle of a yoga class to adjust your sliding belt;
    • Buying fabric makes you feel comfortable, leaving your skin unitchy while wearing it;
    • Pants are supposed to be squatting and penetrating.


    2. Flexibility

    Regular sweatpants are comfortable at home or at the gym, but generally not appropriate at a yoga studio. They are often too loose or heavy and may even be too hot for some styles of yoga. And yoga pants, because they are relatively light, a pair of pants will not exceed 0.5 pounds, and yoga pants are relatively close to the body, in yoga practice will not hinder yoga practitioners, especially some headstand posture. Yoga pants that fit and ease movement are the best way to practice yoga.


    What is flexibility?

    It won’t restrict you when you do postures like pigeon pose and warrior pose.

    3. Breathability


    Any exercise involves sweating and stretching, and as yoga pants, you also have to consider their ability to stretch, sweat, or prevent germs; A 1-2 hour yoga session may make you sweaty, so you need a pair of pants with good wicking ability. Tank tops, cut-out shirts, and yoga pants with mesh pockets can all improve air permeability and breathability. But don’t choose cotton, which retains moisture and leaves you feeling hot and wet and then prone to chafing or catching a  cold at the end of the class.


    4. The durability

    Factors that affect the durability of yoga pants include the fabric, frequency, and time of use. In general, the best fabric for yoga pants is made of blended fabrics in different proportions. Nylon is considered one of the most durable synthetic fabrics. Bamboo and modal are more prone to pilling than other materials and generally require more careful care.


    5. Good compressibility


    The pants with good compressibility have a tight feeling on the body, which helps improve muscle strength and relieves lactic acid buildup, making the workout longer. Still can fix the swing amplitude of thigh muscle, avoid invalid vibration to cause an extra burden.


    6. Styles

    Here the styles don’t mean colors and prints but the high-waisted or mid-rise, full length, or capris.

    Mid-rise pants do have a tendency to fall down easily, so you’d better choose high-waisted pants for physical activities. And full-length ones are great for winter, while capris are better for summer.


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