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Types of Sports Bras

Types of Sports Bras

Sports Bra is a category under the category of “Bra specific function”. Therefore, a sports bra is invented to avoid women’s breasts in sports fitness injury.

With the development of science and technology, the maturity of ergonomics and the wide spread of world competitive sports, sports corset is very important for female athletes and sports enthusiasts.Many custom fitness apparel manufacturer are producing varies kinds of sports bra to customers.

Why should we wear sports bras?

Individual cup bra
Research by Dr. Scurr of the University of Portsmouth in England shows that the average person’s breasts sway 135 meters for every mile they run. Women with severe breast wobbles may have damaged the Deep Fascia & Septa (cooper’s ligaments) of the breast, causing permanent damage, which leads to sagging and deformations of the breast

The history of sports bras

The sports bra is developed on the basis of bra, basically inherited the structure and characteristics of a bra.
The first sports bra appeared in 1977 when American Hinder Miller stitched together two triangular bandages used to protect the body. At the time, it was a very simple bra, designed to minimize the swaying of women’s breasts during exercise, to reduce the impact of strenuous exercise on the breast, and at the same time to absorb sweat and keep the body dry.


Types of sports bras:


  • V bra with buckles

This bra seems to be suitable for women with wide shoulders or an A cup, but anything above A B cup should not be tried, as all the strength of the chest is added to the two narrow straps, which will either wear the shoulder skin or cause sore shoulder muscles.

Types of Sports Bra

The benefit of this bra is that with the adjustable straps and buckles, you can always find the right adjustment to pull your breasts together, either up and down or left and right to make them more stable.

The same can be said for buckles: the plastic buckles and metal rings can rub against the skin during running over a certain distance, which can cause skin abrasion after 10 km on a daily basis. Therefore, it is recommended to wear such a bra for exercise under 10 km.

  •  V Racerback Swimming bra

Compare to narrow front belt buckles strapless bra, such wide strapless bra without buckles are much wider applicable to people, if the right size has been chosen, this kind of bra can provide modest tied to the chest.

Types of Sports Bra

The wide straps can withstand the impact of running, and the V Racerback design prevents the straps from slipping, making them the best choice for chubby, narrow-shouldered or slack-shouldered girls.

  • simple one-piece brass

This type of bra may seem simple in design, but it’s worth thinking about before buying.

Types of Sports Bra

For example, for girls with small breasts, you can buy the simplest one. And for women with bigger breasts, it’s ok to go with a single cup inside. It’s a no-brainer to buy and easy to put on and take off. The only problem is that they tend to be flabby and need to be replaced regularly.

  • Individual cup bra

These freestanding cup bras are ideal for buxom women and are nicely anchored in the cup to minimize wobbling. For this type, a slightly wider shoulder strap would be best.

Types of Sports Bra

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