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The Best Fabric for Yoga Pants

The Best Fabric for Yoga Pants

In general, the best fabric for yoga pants is made of blended fabrics in different proportions. Let’s see which fabric is best for yoga pants.


1. Polyester

Generally, polyester accounts for a large proportion of yoga pants fabric. It’s a very durable and very light fabric and its ability to sweat has made it almost a must-have fabric for yoga pants.

But it’s not as breathable as other fabrics, that’s why it’s only part of the yoga pants fabric; Some wholesale seamless leggings manufacturers will use  80%-90% polyester and combined with spandex or lycra to make yoga pants.

2. Spandex

Spandex is a fabric that gives yoga pants stretch. It is known for its ability to stretch to great lengths and then quickly return to its original shape. It is not as durable as polyester, so it is often used with other fabrics.

Typically, the best yoga pants contain 10-15% spandex.  Of course, a pair of pants with blended polyester and spandex is a good fit because they offer both durability and flexibility.

3. Lycra

Lycra is the same thing as spandex. It is patented by DuPont though, unlike other patented fabrics, which are hard to find or can only be purchased through their respective companies,

Lycra can be found and purchased anywhere.

4. Rayon

Rayon is a cheap, soft fabric that is commonly used in sportswear because of its breathability. Many cheap yoga pants use this fabric instead of polyester, but it’s not as durable as polyester.


5. Modal

Modal is also a type of rayon commonly used to make underwear. The advantage of the modal is flexible and soft, the disadvantage is expensive. There is no need to spend money on Modal when there are other fabrics that are better suited to yoga pants.


6. Nylon

Nylon is an extremely durable and quick-drying elastic fabric. Leggings, tights, and sports leggings are often made of this material. So it’s also great for yoga pants. Because of fading problem, most of the best yoga pants fabric use only a small percent of it.

Though spandex is a popular fabric in yoga pants, it’s thin and may not be suitable if you’re doing some big moves.


7. Polypropylene

Polypropylene is very similar to polyester in that both are basically plastic, but polypropylene tends to dry out faster. Polyester, however, is easier to clean and maintain. Generally speaking, polyester is more suitable for ordinary people.

The advantage of natural fabrics is that they are less susceptible to odors. They’re also less environmentally critical, so if you’re ecologically conscious, these options might be the way to go.


8. Bamboo

Bamboo has become popular recently in yoga pants fabric because it meets all the criteria to make great yoga pants. Bamboo is also antibacterial, so clothes smell much less after your strenuous exercise. However, bamboo is much more expensive than synthetic materials, so the yoga pants made from bamboo cost more.

9. Merino

Merino wool is soft and wicks moisture. If you’re looking for a thicker, warmer pair of yoga pants during the colder months, this is a great choice.


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