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    what is seamless underwear

    What is Seamless Sports Underwear?

    More and more, we hear the term “seamless sports underwear.” Do you really know anything about what is seamless sports underwear?

    The meaning of seamless sports underwear

    Seamless sports undergarment is not what we normally understand as underwear without seams at all. Seamless clothing adopts new special equipment to produce one-piece apparel. Custom fitness apparel manufacturer, for example, uses the world’s leading technology of Italy’s Santoni needle-free loom to produce stretchy knitted outerwear, undergarment, and stretchy sports underwear.

    seamless sports underwear manufacturer.

    The technique of seamless sports inner wear

    The seamless workout underwear on the market now basically has two kinds of technique, one is to make the pattern needed firstly designed by computer 3d software. Next, use a circular knitting machine to undertake stereo knitting, and form the sportswear in one piece. Mainly used in gym wear, such as SM9 – MF type, which can weave from coat to extremely luxurious exquisite seamless sports underwear and other products, and SM8 – TR1 models of the single-electron seamless jacquard knitting machine, which can be used to weave some special structures, such as mesh, pick holes, transfer and the structure of decoherence, which is the ideal choice for producing seamless sportswear, seamless underwear, sports bra.

    The other is in the seam, the use of ultrasonic, adhesive seams or in line with the clothing

    The benefits of seamless sport underwear

    1. Close-fitting and comfortable: because seamless active underwear is produced by machine programming with little cutout and little juncture, the friction between sportswear and the human body is reduced, which makes people feel comfortable. And the polyamide materials used for our seamless styles extremely give you a sense of second skin feeling.

    2. Perspiration and breathability: high-quality face cloth is used to absorb sweat and breathe, and keep the skin dry;

    3. flexibility and better fit: Seamless knitting techniques make different parts of the garment have different degrees of elasticity for additional support, compression, and shaping

    4. Eco-friendly: This producing way helps Energy sustainability and fabric sustainability, seamless production technology bypassing sewing and tailoring, greatly reducing yarn and fabric consumption; and seamless styles have far less waste than tailored products.

    In addition, seamless technology does not require many machines to produce at the same time, thus reducing energy consumption

    5. Non-chafing: Seamless sports underwear is constructed in a way that reduces friction between your body and materials. This reduces irritation during exercise.

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