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    How do Technician Check Seamless Techpack Before Making a Sample

    How do Technician Check Seamless Techpack Before Making a Sample

    AS wholesale seamless legging manufacturers, before making a sample, the client’s designer will send a techpack. Upon receipt of the Techpack, the technician reviews it to see if it meets the requirements for making seamless clothing.

    So before making samples our  technicians will check the following points:

    1. Check fabric

    To see which fabrics are used. Normally, seamless knitted fabrics are less than 10% of spandex. If the spandex content exceeds 15%, it may be a seamless bare spandex product, or it may not be made by a seamless machine.

    2. Check patterns or structure

    With a seamless custom design, the contents of the technology package vary according to the guest’s preference; Technicians will look at the structure or pattern of each part of the garment to see if there are meshes, jacquards and if the mesh structures. If some design jacquard effect is different from the actual effect, further communication with the customer is required. If jacquard is not possible to make, further design modifications are required.

    3. Check the size chart

    The technician will check to see if the measurements of each part meet the production standard of seamless clothing. such as front and back waist measurements, bust and hem measurements, waist and hip measurements. To see if they are within a reasonable vary. If anything is unreasonable, we will immediately communicate with the clients.

    4. Comprehensive assessment

    If there are no problems, let’s start sampling.

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