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What is naked ammonia

What is naked ammonia

Q1: What is naked ammonia?

Naked ammonia is spandex that not wrapped yarn, and directly woven into spandex. Usually,  spandex products are made of wrapped yarn, not separate spandex. Because the requirement of technology is very high if use single spandex to weave. Conventional seamless circular machines are difficult to meet such technological requirements.


Q2: Is naked ammonia more comfortable and breathable than cotton fabric?

Advantages of naked ammonia: it makes underwear thinner and ventilated, better display the elasticity of spandex, and the tension of underwear according to the curve of female buttocks for each wearing, which is more gentle and strong rebound, achieving a good skin-friendly effect.


Q3: What is seamless underwear?

Seamless underwear is no seam on the side, regular underwear has a seam on the side. Simply speaking, there is no suture on the sides.


Q4: What advantage do Seamless naked ammonia underwears have?

(1) as delicate and smooth as silk, exquisite and elegant;

(2) sweat absorption, easy washing;

(3) Of great elasticity, traceless, very light, and breathable;

(4) Excellent body effect, highlighting the curves of the human body, full sense of sex.

Seamless naked ammonia underwear is different from ordinary spandex underwear, because it selects delicate naked ammonia yarn, and adopts seamless technology of integrated molding, which makes underwear lighter, thinner, more elastic, and achieves a high-quality skin-friendly experience!

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