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    seamless activewear knitting machine

    What are the Reasons for the Dimensional Deviation of Seamless Clothing?

    The production process of seamless clothing is much more complicated than ordinary tailoring, so it is particularly important for the factory to control the size in the production process. It is impossible to accurately reach the finished product size through drawing board cutting. Therefore, the seamless garment has a certain size error range, there are several reasons causing the error:

    1. Weaving and dyeing reasons

    Weaving workers may have not enough high-quality understanding of size concerns and also ignore quality management.

    Dyeing workers may also have poor awareness of the size issue as well as overlook the impacts of the pre-shrinking procedure before dyeing, the temperature, time, ph of dyeing.

    1. Machine equipment

    Mainly in the choice of the caliber; The criterion of devices in the same caliber is inconsistent, such as tension and also linear rate, which causes the distinction in size; If the speed is out of control, it will cause the coil length change;

    Bad stress control or incorrect tension will cause bad suction of the devices. Due to the unsmoothed suction pipe or different pipeline strokes, the suction of each piece of equipment is uneven, which affects the stability of the dimension.

    Seamless activewear knitting machine

    1. Raw products

    If the products supplied by the manufacturing facility are unstable, the tension and elasticity of the internal and outer layers won’t be constant, thus, the flexibility of the yarn will be easily damaged.

    Improper choice of auxiliaries and also dyes, specifically oxidants, lowering agents, and also acidity as well as alkalinity, such as the focus as well as the amount of hydrogen peroxide in oxygen whitening, pH value, alkalinity throughout decrease cleaning or peeling, as well as the quantity of insurance powder, etc. Affects size.

    1. Ambient temperature and humidity

    The temperature and humidity in the workshop will affect the moisture content, tension and tension of the raw yarn. Therefore, the seamless clothing manufacturer production workshop should keep constant temperature and humidity as much as possible. In hot and humid summer or cold and dry winter in southern China, the air conditioner should be turned on to ensure the environmental conditions needed for production.

    1. Improper handling techniques

    The size was not evaluated according to the massive dyeing procedure in the coloring workshop. The technicians disturbed the relevant criteria when repairing the devices. Line tension, rate, and suction happened.

    Adjustments did not readjust, which influenced the dimension; some procedures such as altering the line did not focus on the criteria that influence the size; the pre-dyeing procedure layout before coloring was not reasonable and did not contribute The effect of secure size; the layout of the pretreatment as well as dyeing procedure is unreasonable.

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