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what do beginners need for yoga

What do Beginners Need for Yoga

For many yoga beginners before exercise, the first consideration is not how to do exercise or what time is the most appropriate exercise, but the sports equipment. So, what do beginners need for yoga?


1. A tight-fitting yoga suit and pants


For yoga beginners, choose the right clothes is important. Yoga practice clothes are generally relatively tight-fitting, in order to facilitate the movement. Baggy clothes can hide your posture and make it difficult to see if your posture is in place.

In addition, it is also important to choose good yoga pants. The benefits of yoga pants are a lot, and there are many yoga pants on the market. You can buy yoga pants in a nearby local store or online.


2. Yoga mat


The yoga mat is more than just a slip preventer, it also provides some protection. If the mat is too thin, your knees will feel very tight against the ground when you land on your knees.

A professional and comfortable yoga mat is necessary when doing yoga. A good yoga mat can reduce sports injuries and bring sports passion to enthusiasts. It’s may expensive to buy at the gym club, but the quality is guaranteed. Or you can order one online.


3. Yoga blanket


Use it with a yoga mat, sometimes we worry that the yoga mat can easily get dirty, because you put it on the floor, sometimes you don’t know which side is used, and there will be dust and so on for a long time, so you need a yoga blanket.


4. Yoga brick


When doing yoga action auxiliary appliances, mainly to prevent doing difficult action strain. The grade of brick will cent with hardness, hardness is harder, support sex had jumped over, weight also increases.

5. Yoga headband


Deal with forehead wet sweat,  absorb sweat quickly.


6. Yoga stretching belt


Generally used to exercise muscle strength, stable posture, and control the stretching distance, according to the exercise needs to choose different elastic pull belts.

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