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Are compression pants the same as leggings?

Are compression pants the same as leggings?

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Have you ever feel confused when hearing about compression pants. If you are wondering “Are compression pants the same as leggings?” “isn’t it?” then you are not alone.


The differences between compression pants and leggings.


Leggings come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they can be worn under dresses and skirts or on their own, which is light and comfortable.

Compression pants were originally used as an auxiliary method to treat deep-vein thrombosis and varicose veins.


1. Price


Compression pants look similar to leggings, but they are far more expensive and can be a kind of luxury in sports goods, with official price tags often costing more than or even double the price of top-of-the-range running shoes. For example, Japan’s CWX top compression pants, Australian skins’ A400 pants, Australia 2XU’s top MCS series.


2. Performance


The compression tights are made of perspiration and breathable material, and also contain a certain spandex composition (generally less than 20%), which plays the role in perspiration, breathability, and muscle wrapping.

In addition, some tights may have heat mesh cloth in the heat dissipation area such as the thigh root, and the design has reflective strips (to enhance the safety of night running), intimate pockets (to put money and keys), rubber strips (to prevent muscle strain) and so on.

The reason why compression tights are designed to fit is not only to highlight the muscle lines, but also because they can wrap the muscles, reduce meaningless muscle jitter, and at the same time reduce the friction at the base of the thigh for people with thick legs.


3. Usages


For daily jogging, the running distance is less than 15 kilometers or the duration is less than 2 hours, there is no need to wear compression pants. Tights are enough. It is more recommended to wear compression pants after exercise as an accelerated recovery.

Here are compression leggings benefits that most compression pants wearers agree on:

  • promote blood circulation and removes waste products (carbon dioxide and lactic acid) from the body.
  • Help treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and varicose veins
  • Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), help muscles recover faster after exercise.
  • Help muscles recover faster from injury.
  • Helps reduce the effects of lymphedema, which is swelling of the arms and legs caused by the damaged lymphatic system.

Of course, if you consider the cost performance, using compression pants in high-intensity exercise, post-exercise recovery is the choice of the vast majority of people — after all, its compression performance will slowly get worse with the use of time.


4. Maintenance


The performance of compression pants will get worse with wearing. They are consumable products like running shoes, sweat/washing after exercise can hurt compression pants.

Compression pants also require more attention in use and washing than tights.

It is recommended as following:

  • Wash as soon as possible, avoid body sweat salt stay for a long time.
  • Not to use the washing machine
  • Not to pull too much
  • Notto twist too hard after washing
  • put away from sharp objects prevent friction scratches, etc.,

Now I believe you have got the key to “ are compression pants the same as leggings”, compression pants can be a performance booster and more professional. Leggings are easier to match in daily life. There is a variety of seamless leggings manufacturers in the market for people to choose from. Choose what suits you is the best.

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