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    how to choose yoga clothes

    How to Choose Yoga Clothes

    There are many kinds of yoga clothes on the market, are you distressed about how to choose yoga clothes?

    In addition to brand and design, consider the following factors to help you find some suitable yoga clothes for you.

    1. Fabric

    • Breathability:

    The fabric of the yoga suit has to be breathable when doing yoga. After a lot of warm-ups, the body will sweat a lot. If the fabric is airtight and unable to absorb sweat, a steamer will form around the body, which t is very detrimental to the body.

    So when buying yoga clothes, remember that don’t choose the chemical fiber fabric. Cotton and linen is the basic choice. Linen has good air permeability, but no shrinkage. You can choose clothes with both cotton and linen material, add a little lycra material is better ensuring flexibility.

    • Comfort:

    There’s nothing worse than practicing yoga in uncomfortable clothes. Practicing yoga requires concentration, and you can’t let itchy seams and labels, sagging or too-tight waistband affect your performance while doing some asanas.

    • Flexibility:

    There are many asanas in yoga practice, which are very flexible, such as bending, stretching, restraining, lunges, stretching and rolling. Yoga clothes need to be able to keep up with these movements, which means they have to have good flexibility.


    • Loose-fitted tops

    There is no problem with loose-fitted tops when performing horizontal poses or back bending poses. It has disadvantages:

    When you’re doing something upside down, like a downward-facing dog or should standing, the slide may block your vision.

    In Ashtanga, the gaze point is required. A downward-facing dog requires the eyes to the navel. If your clothes are loose, all you can see is the droop of the clothes.

    Loose-fitted tops can hide your posture and make it difficult to see if your posture is in place.

    • Tight clothes:

    Is it convenient for wearers to show off their muscles when wearing tight clothes? but it is also convenient for them to do high-intensity exercises. While, too tight, can affect breathing diaphragm and lung cavity expansion action.

    Therefore, when choosing the cutting design, fit is of great importance, whether it’s a yoga backbend or a yoga handstand, or a shoulder stand. Of course, if you like elegant and comfortable loose yoga clothes, you can spare a set, in your meditation time, which is also a good choice.

    3. Protect your belly button from exposure


    Some fashionable yoga clothes will create a lot of beauty for our yoga practice, but the requirement of our warm yoga practice is very big.

    Because yoga is an activity that very pays attention to abdomen to exert oneself at any time, tighten up, let the organ inside abdominal cavity and magnetic field continue to operate, if the door that shows navel so important blows air conditioning outside (even if it is natural wind), for the person that pays attention to preserve one’s health, it is bad.

    So try to wear long tops or high waistband pants and make sure your stomach is covered.


    When you try on items, consider doing some yoga poses (downward-facing dog is a good choice) to test the flexibility and comfort of the clothing. Does the gap of the top at the chest or fall over your head? If so, change it with a tighter fit.

    Where to buy:

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