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    what are the different lululemon fabric

    What are the Different Lululemon Fabrics

    Lululemon has plenty of fabrics: Luon, Luxtreme, Nulu, Nulux, Everlux, Everstreme…

    To make it easier to understand what are the different lululemon fabrics, please see the table below:

    Fabric Feeling Best for Activity
    Luno soft Low-intensity exercise Yoga, weightlifting,


    Luxtreme smooth High-intensity exercise Running,crossfit,
    Nulu wearing almost nothing, breathable,


    no compression



    Yoga, weightlifting,


    Nulux Stretchy,


    silky to the touch,

    cool against the skin,


    High-intensity Running, Crossfit, fitness, etc
    Everlux smooth and soft,

    cool against the skin,

    Lots of Sweating movement Zumba,Aerobics, weight lifting

    (*Yoga pants are used more with Luon and Nulu.)


    What are the different lululemon fabrics




    Built-in 1998 at Lululemon, Luon was the only fabric offered for the first eight years. When the founder of Lululemon noticed the women in his yoga class back in the ’90s, he knew that people liked the feel of cotton and wanted a material that gave them something to move around in.


    He created a solution: a new fabric called Luon, a proprietary open-loop knit blend of nylon and LYCRA, and Lululemon was born.


    It has a cottony feel to it and can feel cozier against the skin compare to other athletic fabrics. All luon is 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking, which means it can both breathe and sweat during a hot yoga class.

    what are the different lululemon fabrics



    Nulu was introduced in 2015, it fit Like a Barely – Second Ski, it was the best-selling fabric and loved by the masses.

    It feels like you’re wearing nothing, the fabric has a buttery soft feel… It’s exquisite. However, it is best not to do strenuous exercise, because over time, and high-intensity use, the fabric is more prone to natural pilling.

    What are the different lululemon fabrics



    Luxtreme is Lulu’s signature fabric for running. It feels much lighter than luon and doesn’t feel like cotton. Instead, it feels smooth. It feels cool on the skin and is perfect for high sweats.




    Nulux is the running version of Nulu (suitable for high-intensity sports occasions). This kind of soft and smooth fabric has the same naked experience, and the tight feeling is stronger than Nulu when wearing, so it has a more shaping effect. Because it is positioned on the occasion of sweating a lot, compared with Nulu, it has more characteristics of quick drying.




    The inner and outer layers of the fabric are made of different fibers. The double-layer ensures lightness and no transparency, the inner fibers allow the body to feel cool, while the outer layer feels buttery and smooth. In addition, the high fiber lycra content gives this fabric four-way stretch, and will not be easily deformed even for high-frequency use.


    For the many lulu fans who have fallen into the nude pants, lulu is perfect, and if there is a flaw, a high price is a flaw. But it’s hard to tell if it’s her fault or yours. Besides, if you want womens leggings wholesale, choosing cheap and qualified leggings is a good choice.

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