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    Recommendation for Sports Bra Brand


    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    NIKE underwear is a lot of girls’ first professional sports underwear, in addition to its strong brand effect, comfortable fabrics and rich colors,make NIKE become a lot of girls’ eyes love.



    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    Adidas, NIKE’s biggest rival, also has a strong women’s line, with their underwear designed to fit well with Asian women’s thin frames.


    Under Armour

    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    Under Armour has been showing off a lot in recent years and in terms of sports bra design and materials. I personally think it’s more professional than the other two. There are many different types of sports underwear, and they do a good job in air permeability and speed drying.




    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    Cw-x is a very professional sports underwear of Wacoal, a famous Lingerie brand in Japan. The products are suitable for Asian women. For girls with big breasts, it’s a good choice


    Moving Comfort

    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    From the United States of America professional sports underwear brand, the old sport bra manufacturer, high quality, by many big-breasted girls respected.



    Shock Absorber

    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    From a very famous sports underwear brand in Britain, professional and good reputation. Their sports bra strikes a good balance between functionality and appearance levels, and is very comfortable and breathable.



    Recommendation for sports bra brand

    Decathlon can not be regarded as a separate brand, but the cost of sports underwear is relatively high, there are physical stores can try and then start.



    Another big-breasted Sports Bra from a single brand, Enell Sports Bra. HMM… It’s so expensive, about $60. Good stability, good comfort.

    Recommendation for Sports Bra Brand

    Lorna jane

    This brand of underwear is known for its super strength, an Australian brand. Its design is endless, it has the function of shock absorption but does not press the chest, worth having. Of course, the price is even less friendly than Lululemon.



    The Uniqlo is very comfortable to wear but lacks support and shock absorption. You can still do yoga in them.

    Recommendation for Sports Bra Brand

    If you don’t like or can’t afford any of these brands, finding some wholesale sports bra manufacturers to customize your own bra is a good solution.


    When it comes to sports bras, it’s really important that they fit. When choosing, pay attention to the fabric and shoulder straps. Because there is no sports bra, the skin is worn out, and showering is painful. Let’s face it, a sports bra can help you run more comfortably and is just as important to a girl as a pair of running shoes!

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