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Common fabric of yoga pants

Common Fabric of Yoga Pants

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At present, the common fabric of yoga pants on the market is mainly a combination of nylon and spandex.

Nylon is a polyamide fiber, which is endurable and of great elasticity. Spandex is a kind of elastic fiber, with superelasticity, up to 600%, and has good wear resistance and air permeability, wrinkle resistance, and fast-drying.

In general, the common combinations of yoga pants fabric are below:

80% nylon+20% spandex

75% nylon+25% spandex

70% nylon+30% spandex

In general, the higher the spandex content, the better the performance, but also the price will be higher, as spandex costs four times as much as spandex.

China requires clothing manufacturers to list the fabric ingredients on their clothes, you can tell if a pair of yoga pants are good by looking at their tags. A relatively large brand is a more reliable choice. There are more and more wholesale seamless pattern leggings manufacturers online, so you can shop around to find your favorite yoga pants, or you can customize your own styles.

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