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    6 Tips on Bra Fitting and Care

    We have talked about how to tell whether sportswear fits before. Here are 6 tips on bra fitting and care.

    • an appropriate sports Bra should be comfortable to wear and supportive rather than oppressive.
    • Do some jumping and watch your chest move
    • Twist the body to feel how well Bra fits the body
    •  Try swinging your arm back and forth, making sure there is no obvious friction between the inside of your arm and the Bra.6 Tips on Bra Fitting and Care

    Above are some tips for trying on sports Bra, and below are some suggestions on the use and maintenance of sports bras:

    • Having two levels of sports bra will make you more flexible. For example, women with C/D Cup can prepare high support and medium support sports Bra. And women with A/B Cup can prepare low and medium support sports Bra. So you can make a better choice according to the sport and the match of clothing.
    • If you want to buy a Bra for a marathon, just like buying new running shoes, there will be a running-in period before you can use it for a long run or marathon.
    • Another tip: If the bra rubs skin, apply some moisturizer to areas where it can easily chafe.
      3) It is recommended to wash sports bra by hand, do not wring it dry, dry it naturally or by pressing it, which can improve its life. If you run more than 3 times a week, it is recommended to prepare another one for easy replacement and prolonged use.

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