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    what is the difference between sports bras and normal bras

    What is the Difference Between Sports Bras and Normal Bra

    Sports bras are designed to capture movement and motion while moving and exercising the body. They provide maximum support and hold your breasts firmly in place. In this particular case, a regular bra does not provide adequate support and can cause tension in the shoulders and accumulation of sweaty patches.

    What is the difference between sports bras and normal bra


    The difference between raw material composition


    The composition of Sports bra material is more unified, mainly in cotton, polyester, polyester silk, or some new composite materials, this is for the stability of support, reduce friction, and take into account the permeability and sweat absorption. The chest inside and outside layer adopt double-layer fabric, close to the lining of the chest is made of cotton materials so that they can better absorb sweat; The outer layer is made of polyester spandex and other chemical fiber fabrics so that the absorbed sweat can be discharged as soon as possible. The mesh structure of the lining shoulder belt and back is used as far as possible to achieve the purpose of air permeability.


    The difference between split type 


    A sports bra is often used to fit the muscle lines, especially the structural line of the muscle trend during exercise. Just like compression clothing, it avoids the friction of the dividing line, such as the friction of the chest, shoulder blade, collarbone, and other designs. In some cases, a piece of structure such as molding is used.


    The difference between textile structure


    Custom sports bras will use a tight-knit structure for its function, such as knitting structure, elastic weft, rib structure, or fixed warp knitting mesh structure, more for its support and stability.


    The difference between strap design


    In order to stabilize the breast, the shoulder strap of sports bras is wider than the regular bra (except for low-intensity sports), because, during physical movement, the shoulder strap carries the huge tension caused by the kinetic energy of the chest movement. The difference between a sports bra and an ordinary bra is that the design of the shoulder strap of the sports bra will avoid the shoulder and avoid the large joint movement. When the shoulder strap is too narrow, it will press the shoulder first, and the most intuitive feeling is the strangulation mark.


    The difference between back design


    Back design, sports bras will as far as possible to bypass the scapula, at the same time take into account better fit back design, so as to fix the chest, it uses non-slip stable structures. Fabric and textile structures should also consider breathable and sweat.

    The difference between Bra straps

    The parts of the bra that runs under the chest and around the ribcage carry the breast tissue (most of the breast weight) in the cup and play the most important role in stabilizing the chest. For larger cups and high-strength sports bras, the biggest difference with ordinary underwear is the straps of sports bras become wider for better support. Fasten the bra with the loosest hooks, the straps will also hold the bra in place. As time goes by, the bra will be washed more and more often. If it is worn out and becomes loose, the bra can be tightened by fastening the inner hooks.

    The difference between adjustment buckle

    The adjustment buckle is used to adjust the length of the shoulder strap, mostly made of metal or plastic, high-strength “9” buckle, rather than the hook style used in regular bras, giving both flexibility and better support and stretching.


    The benefits of sports bras:

    • Sports bras help avoid exercise discomfort
    • Sports bras help reduce breast pain
    • Sports bras help avoid unwanted stares and look cool
    • Sports bras prevent long-term sagging
    • They are a must for extensive exercise classes
    • Sports bras are highly recommended by doctors after injury or cosmetic surgery

    Where to buy sports bras?

    Go to your local retail brand or Search on google with custom seamless sports bra

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