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How to Tell Whether Sportswear Fit

How to Tell Whether Sportswear Fits

Are you struggling with how to tell whether sportswear fit? Read on to see the four steps.

  • Band fits

The easiest way to check the fit of your sports bra is to check how well the straps fit. A good way to check for this is to raise your arms above your head and turn sideways. If it goes up, the band is too loose and does not provide enough support. If it’s stuck deep in your back, it’s too tight and hard to exercise, forming a sense of compression. These two situations are both not good.

You can take the following steps to see whether your band fits or not.

Firstly. Observe whether it is close to the body and whether it is strangulated. Make sure that the entire chest is completely covered and that the lower edge of the bra does not slide up and the straps do not slip when you stretch.

Secondly. Place two fingers on the shoulder strap and feel how tight it is.

How to tell whether sportswear fiths

Thirdly. Stretch your fingers through the elastic band at the bottom of your underwear to feel comfortable.

How to tell whether sportswear fits

If your sports bra fits well, it should not leave any marks on your skin after wearing it. A well-fitting sports bra strap should be tight and not feel tight. And only two fingers should be placed between your body and your wristband.

  • Cup fits

The next thing you need to check is whether your cup size fits. If your sports bra cup has extra room, the cup size you have chosen is too large. If you notice that your breasts are spilling over the edges of your sports bra, the cup size you have chosen is too small. Any wrinkles or gaps in the fabric of a sports bra indicate that the cup is too large. The right sports bra should fit the cup comfortably to your breast without spilling or creating gaps. When wearing a sports bra, you should always be able to breathe deeply and comfortably. You can test the overall support of the bra by jumping and running a few times, to feel the chest shake, Make sure the chest is fixed and does not move, and there is no uncomfortable feeling. If it moves too much in any direction, you should look for something more appropriate.


how to tell whether sportswear fits.

Have you, uh, learned how to choose a sports bra yet?

Now go and buy your custom seamless sportsbra to try these four steps.

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