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    About the Quantitative Difference of Seamless Clothing Orders

    This article is written for small quantity orders!

    As we all know, the quantity difference for normal apparel is around 3%-5%, how about that of seamless clothing?

    Seamless knitting products may suffer a higher loss during the various processes of weaving, dyeing, cutting and sewing.

    If the quantity of each color and size is relatively small, the loss percentage will be relatively high.

    The quantitative difference of a normal small order is 4%, that is, if the order quantity is 1,000 pcs, seamless clothing manufacturers will take a ±4% margin, 1,000*4%=40 pcs. These 40 pieces may be lost in all aspects of production, or they may eventually be made into Quality Goods for shipment.

    But if 50 pcs per color per size, at the same 4% loss rate, 50*4%=2 pcs, this is far from enough. These 2 pieces are likely to be damaged during the production process.

    Therefore, the factories generally set the quantitative difference below 200 pieces per color per size to 10%.

    That is, if we order 50 pcs/color/size, we will produce 5 more pieces, these 5 pieces may be lost, or some of them may be made into quality goods for shipment.

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