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What is Pilling on Clothes

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Pilling is always made people annoying because it damaged the garment and make them look bad, custom fitness clothing material is usually not that easy to cause pilling, so what is pilling on clothes?

First of all, you should know that all staple fabrics pilling, especially wool, polyester and cotton fabrics. Pilling is an unavoidable thing, but we can control the extent of it.

What Causes Pilling on Clothing

The reason why clothes pilling is that the fibers are damaged during stretching, but they do not fall off. Instead, they are curling and winding, and adsorbing foreign particles with static electricity. Like snowballs, they slowly become hairballs that affect the original appearance of the garment.

In terms of Technology: if the twist is loose, the yarn is round and plump, but it is easy to pilling, on the contrary, the twist is too tight, and the style of the yarn will be lost, just like the rope.

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Pilling on Clothes

What Fabrics Are Most Likely to Pill

Chemical fiber is easy to pilling, and the pilling degree is nylon > acrylic > polyester. Because of the high strength and high bending resistance of chemical fiber, the fiber is not easy to fall off and entangle on the surface of the textile. Polyester and cotton fabrics also pilling easily. Due to the high strength of polyester fiber, polyester-cotton is entangled with cotton fiber hairiness, which is difficult to fall off, thus forming the pilling phenomenon we see.

In contrast, fine fibers are easier to pilling than coarse fibers, and blended fibers are easier to pilling than other fibers. For example, the same chemical fiber, wool, cotton fiber blended clothing, is easier to pilling than a pure wool clothing. Fabric weaving and dyeing process is also an important factor affecting the pilling of clothes. The structure of the fabric is also tight, and the smoother the surface, the less likely it is to pilling. In short, from the tightness and smoothness of the clothing, we can judge whether the clothing is easy to pilling.

Detailed reasons of pilling and, how to avoid pilling on clothes: 

1. Friction: The friction between the fabric and different fabrics will lead to different degrees of pilling. Customers may put a lot of clothes together and machine wash at high speed.

2. Improper washing. There will be washing labels on each garment and customers need to wash according to the washing method marked by the care label. Improper selection of washing time, temperature and detergent can also cause pilling.

3. Long washing time: If the washing time is too long, the fiber will be damaged due to mechanical force, which will cause the fiber to break and more fiber ends will appear, thereby increasing the possibility of pilling.

4. Washing temperature: Improper washing temperature will also cause fabric pilling. The washing temperature is best controlled between [20-40] degrees.

5. Detergent: Do not use disinfectant.

Once you take good care of your garments, the pilling problem will be controlled under a best circumstance, so does the fitness clothing.

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