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    Polyester and Spandex Leggings

    Polyester and Spandex Leggings

    It is essential to understand the yarns that are used in polyester and spandex leggings to know what function will the leggings give.

    Here we will understand the 2 types of yarns that are commonly used in wholesale seamless leggings manufacturers.

    1. Polyester

    Polyester is an artificial fiber, with the characteristics of artificial fiber: high strength, pressure resistance, heat resistance, if exposed to the sun for one thousand hours, its strength still can maintain at 60 to 70 percent, but the disadvantage of polyester fabric is poor moisture absorption. So most yoga pants are made of 80%-90% polyester and combined with spandex or lycra.

    Because polyester is an artificial fiber, so it can be blended with cotton, linen, and wool to make various fabrics. Due to strong pressure resistance, in industry, it can be made into fishing nets, ropes, tire cords, or used as insulation material.

    2. Spandex

    Spandex, like polyester, is an artificial fiber, but the biggest difference between polyester and spandex is that it does not withstand pressure and is not as durable as polyester. What it has in common with polyester is poor moisture absorption.

    Spandex has its unique characteristics, its elasticity is very good, professional tests show that spandex can extend 5 to 7 times than the original length, at the same time, wear resistance. Typically, the best yoga pants contain 10-15% spandex.

    Spandex is best known for its elasticity. With its good elasticity, it is widely used in underwear, leggings, casual wear, and sportswear, as well as in the medical field: bandages are also made of spandex.

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