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Tencel T-Shirts Wholesale

tencel t-shirts wholesale Chinese manufacturer provides you shirts in blank and wholesale services, if you have any ideas, please contact us by sending us an email.

Tencel T-shirts Wholesale selling in ChinafitnessApparel!

tencel t-shirts wholesale

Tencel t-shirts are shirts made by Tencel Fabric

Tencel is a natural fiber made of wood pulp fiber after physical treatment, so it will not produce other chemical substances, and can be recycled after waste. Tencel is a safe and pollution-free fabric. Tencel has the softness and good luster of silk fabric, and also has the air permeability of cotton, so it is commonly used to make T-shirts and cardigans in summer. Various advantages make tencel fabric occupies an important position in the market.

Tencel fabric advantages:

1, Tencel fabric not only has a strong moisture absorption, but also has the strength of the general fiber, the strength of tencel fabric is similar to polyester.

2. Tenser has good stability and is not easy to shrink after washing.

3, tencel fabric feel and luster are good, luster is better than cotton.

4. Tencel has the smooth and elegant characteristics of pure silk

5, air permeability and moisture absorption are also the main characteristics of tencel fabric.

6. Tencel fabric has a similar touch to real silk, and the flexibility of real silk is relatively high among all fabrics.

7, Tencel is a pure natural material, the fabric does not contain chemical substances is environment-friendly fabric, more in line with the current people’s consumption concept.

8, the comfort of silk fabric can be comparable to cotton fabric, fabric has a very good moisture absorption performance.

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Tencel t-shirts and cotton t-shirt, which is good:

Tencel is better than pure cotton. Tencel is more moisture absorption than pure cotton, moisture return rate is about 12%, air permeability can reach 1500; Tencel is softer than pure cotton, the surface roughness of pure cotton is 3.46, and that of tencel is 0.628. Tencel is cooler than cotton. Tencel has a thermal conductivity of 0.18, which is much stronger than pure cotton.

1. Tencel is more breathable than pure cotton

Tense hygroscopicity is very good, the general moisture regaining rate is about 12%, and the moisture regaining rate of pure cotton is 8%. Meanwhile, the air permeability of tencel can reach 1500, while that of pure cotton is between 200-500, which is three times that of pure cotton.

2. Tencel is softer than pure cotton

In terms of hand feel, the surface roughness of tencel is 0.628, while that of pure cotton is 3.46, which is obviously much higher than that of tencel. Therefore, the hand feel of tencel is softer and more delicate.

3. Tencel is cooler than pure cotton

Although pure cotton material has a good sweat absorption effect, but because the fabric is thick, so will not feel very cool. The thermal conductivity of tencel material is 0.18, much better than cotton material, which can conduct heat well and make people feel cooler.O1CN01zGnrpk1nm2y7uJlYn 4137965131 0 cib - Tencel T-Shirts Wholesale - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer


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