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Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale

Custom Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale Manufacturer with private logo print available, and 200+ Existing Designs in Stock,

ISO certificated, Made in China, Preferential price.

Finding Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale manufacturer?

A Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale is an essential item in any man’s wardrobe, and so is buying one became so necessary.

Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale

Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale  provide:


1. Shoulder strap: with smooth and fit classic collar edge design, and comfortable double line edge design, which is skin-friendly and won’t constrict the neck.

Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale

2. Healthy dyeing: Reactive dye is not easy to fade, with full and bright color, it is more durable to wear.

3. Fine workmanship: Fine and smooth, not easy to deformation, the clothes with the precision double suture are close-fitting and not tight, which is elastic and not easy to deformation.

Mens T Shirt Round Neck Wholesale

Round collar or V  collar? How to choose?

As we know, T-shirts are generally divided into round collars and V collars. But more people wear a round collar in daily life, so which one is better? Or how to choose between a round neck and a V-neck?

When it comes to V-neck T-shirts, most people will think that they are more suitable for thin or people who have obvious collarbones. In fact, this is not always the case. If you feel that your neck is not too long, or you feel that your neck and shoulder are meatier, you can choose v-neck T-shirts.

V-neck T-shirts will not only lengthen the neck visually but also modify the curve of the neck visual.

Round collar is more popular, giving people a feeling of sunshine and youth. Besides, it can soften the line of the upper body, highlighting the curve of the neck, whether it is wide or narrow shoulder, the round collar can be very suitable.

Although round-collar T-shirts are versatile and good-looking, we must pay special attention to the size of the neckline. If you buy a T-shirt with a particularly small neckline and seems to close to the neck, it may not suitable for people with a short neck and meat in the neck, which will make the people look shorter in visual.

If the size of the neckline is moderate or relatively loose, it is completely suitable for everyone, which is the best choice in summer.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a collar neck T-shirt or a V neck T-shirt, you can try it as long as you like it.


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