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Wholesale Compression Leggings

Wholesale compression leggings provides these for those who want to start their own fitness line, but don’t have much money to custom their own design, so here logo printing is totally acceptable. we help you print your own brand logo pattern or your brand name on our existing items. Welcome to send us a free inquiry.

Men’s wholesale compression leggings with shorts covered are on sale in ChinaFitnessApparel!

Item: Wholesale Compression Leggings

Manufacturer location:Zhejiang, China

Style: Boys and men’s

Fabrics: Polyester, polyamide, spandex,

Features: Seamless, Breathable, durable, Moisture wicking, comfortable, flexible,squat-proof, Lightweight,Sweat-wicking,


Product Type: OEM and ODM Orders

Logo printing: Custom your print


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With the increasing requirements for running training, running shoes and T-shirts can no longer meet the needs of runners for equipment. More and more new and fancy running equipment into everyone’s vision. Compression leggings are a typical example of these new gadgets.

Compression leggings have become one of the most important items for beginners and intermediate runners to consider when choosing running gear. Whether it’s for a 10K jog or a marathon, they like to wear compression leggings and gear up.

Running is an exercise that requires a lot of leg strength, which requires you to protect your lower body muscles during the run. Compression leggings not only stabilize muscles and prevent thigh friction injuries, they can also improve your performance and promote post-workout recovery.

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What are sports compression leggings?

Compression leggings commonly said, is the exercise wear compression muscle of the aerobics leggings. When you wear compression leggings, they act like a second skin. Because the compressibility is strong, it can make the muscles of the runners feel tight, and then improve the muscle strength of the runners.

Compression equipment was originally used as a medical aid to treat symptoms such as clots in deep blood vessels by improving blood circulation. Doctors have since discovered that compression equipment can also benefit patients who are bedridden and inactive for a long time. Later, people began to use compression equipment in sports.

Generally speaking, the fabric of compression leggings is nylon and spandex, because of the material reason, it is very wear-resistant, and sweat guide effect is outstanding. During summer training, sweat can be quickly discharged through compression leggings, which can also play a certain isolation role in winter, so compression leggings are a running clothing that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

How do compression leggings work?

Many people like to wear compression clothes when exercising, mainly to improve their performance, stabilize their leg muscles, but also to maintain good sweat or heat preservation effect. In addition, it can also play a certain degree of sun protection.

The main principle of compression clothing is that the pressure created by compression clothing helps to speed up the return of blood flow. At the same time, it can also reduce the heart rate to a certain extent. Some experiments show that it can reduce about 0.8 BPM. In fact, just like being alone in a swimming pool, the pressure of the water on the body lowers the heart rate.

So everything that comes out of this is related to the accelerated return of blood flow, which is what compression suits claim to be good for. Such as increasing the rate at which blood supplies oxygen to muscles, accelerating the breakdown of lactic acid, reducing swelling, accelerating recovery, and so on.

In addition to compression, well-designed compression pants offer varying levels of support and protection based on the cut and fabric choice of the leg structure. For example, stronger elasticity will be used to strengthen the stable Achilles tendon, quadriceps, and other vulnerable parts, and the patella will make loose cutting, which is beneficial to the activities of the knee joint in running.

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Why buy Wholesale Compression Leggings?

Because people need them.

Below are the benefits of compression leggings:

What exactly do compression pants do?

1. The compression

Since compression pants must have good compressibility, compressibility is reflected in the body is tight feeling, and the effect is to improve muscle strength, relieve lactic acid accumulation, making the exercise longer. It can also fix the swing amplitude of the thigh muscles to avoid extra burden caused by ineffective vibration, while protecting the knees and preventing cramps.

2. Support

Compression pants also prevent the extra strain of swinging muscles and avoid muscle and joint damage, and are more supportive when muscles are tired. Through special material stitching and weaving, methods can make our body more integrated, there is a feeling of growing a layer of an exoskeleton.

3. Skin-fitting

The reason why many runners like to wear compression pants is that they are close-fitting. Compression pants are generally lightweight and tight to the skin, which reduces the resistance of strokes during running and reduces the burden of heavy clothing on the body. And in cold, windy weather can avoid the cold wind directly hit the skin surface.

4. Guide the sweat

We sweat a lot during running. If the sweat stays on our skin, it will cause us discomfort and make us susceptible to colds. Compression pants are highly conductive and breathable, helping us to sweat out and avoid accumulating sweat on the body surface causing discomfort, while acting as an insulating layer.

5. Recovery

Long runs can cause leg muscles to get too tired. Compression pants can relieve fatigue and help muscles recover quickly. That’s why many runners like to run in compression pants, even when they finish training. On the other hand, it can also play a role in muscle shaping.


In the process of running, the various joints of the body will be subjected to different degrees of impact. Compression pants can significantly reduce running fatigue and the risk of injury during exercise. At the same time, they can accelerate sweat and cool down, keep the body at a suitable temperature for exercise, and increase the proprioception of muscle movement, so as to achieve better running training results.

For perennial runners, leggings are optional, and either running shorts or leggings are optional. Because their core muscles and joints are quite mature.

For amateur runners, leggings can be protective and restorative. The benefits of wearing compression pants can add up to an effective boost and serve as the icing on the cake.


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