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White Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt Wholesale

Custom white fitted short sleeve shirt wholesale supplier with private logo print available, and 200+ Existing Designs in Stock,


Speaking of a white short sleeve shirt, what do you think of it?


white fitted short sleeve shirt wholesale

This white fitted short sleeve shirt is designed for sports with the following characteristics:

1. High elastic breathable fabric

2. Special air duct design

3. Armpit perspiration area

4. Intermittent tightening technique


What is a special air duct design: Protect vital organ areas and deal with sweat from physical activity and keep your core cool.

What is armpit perspiration area: Armpit area sweat grid, Speed up the evaporation of sweat and keep the area dry

What is the intermittent tightening technique: Increases muscle reactivity. The contraction and coordination help reduce muscle fatigue and injury risk.



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