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Classic Short Sleeve Shirt Wholesale

Custom Classic Short Sleeve Shirt Wholesale suppliers with private logo print available, and 200+ Existing Designs in Stock, ISO certificated, Made in China, Preferential price.

Speak of Classic Short Sleeve Shirt Wholesale, what do you think of?

Some may think white with a round or V-neck short sleeve is the most classic one. Actually, black is not bad.


This classic short sleeve shirt in black and round collar Wholesale has below benefits:

Classic Short Sleeve Shirt Wholesale

1. Skin-friendly, comfortable, high elastic.

2. Breathable and non-sticky due to quick-drying fabric.

3. Be made of imported modal, With high moisture absorption and good elasticity, the fabric feels comfortable as underwear.


Four factors that consist of Men’s T-Shirt Underwear Wholesale

1. Thick fabric is not easy to deform.
2. The neckline height is about 1.5cm, which is not easy to deform.
3. Ribbed with about 20% chemical fiber is not easy to deform.
4. Colored ones are not easy to be deformed.
5. In terms of firmness, “thunder car side exposed” > “Car adjustment double line” ≥ “single needle process” & GT; “Normal round collar”.


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