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    yoga mat brand

    Yoga Mat Brand

    What is a yoga mat?

    A yoga mat is a mat that the practitioner lays on the ground to protect the body while practicing yoga, but with the reform of the mat, it has added another function — to avoid harm caused by wrong postures, thus, to guide and assist the practice of precise yoga postures.


    List of international yoga mat brands


    Manduka frog




    Jade yoga



    Yoga mat material classification

    • PVC yoga mats

    PVC yoga mats are made of PVC foam and are affordable and available everywhere. This material of yoga mat must avoid the production of secondary materials, because secondary materials are a chemical thing, not easy to decompose, and is polluted, not environmentally friendly.

    • TPE yoga mat

    TPE yoga mat is made of natural latex and hemp foam, it is recyclable, also can be naturally degraded, light, and easy to roll as well, and its anti-slip elasticity is better than PVC, but the price is slightly higher than PVC ones. It is also one of the most popular materials in the market at present.

    • Natural rubber yoga mat

    A natural rubber yoga mat is made from natural rubber production, the material contains a small amount of protein, fatty acids, sugars, and ash content, etc., and itself has good anti-skid, seismic, flexibility, it is very popular with international markets, However, the price is higher than above two.

    Yoga mat function classification


    A traditional yoga mat is a mat without a guideline on the mat, which basically reduces the pain of the practitioner’s joints and keeps the body from touching the ground.


    Positionyoga mat is a revolutionary improvement of the mat, it has all the functions of the traditional yoga mat has, the position line on the mat surface is like your personal teacher, correct the wrong yoga position in time and avoid injury.


    Yoga mat brand introduction


    Atmananda yoga mat, help precise yoga position, provide unique personality size, with dry and wet anti-skid feeling, every practice is progress.

    yoga mat brand

    Manduka black pad, with high-quality material, and refined workmanship, super durable performance, a legend of PVC yoga mat.

    Lululemon all-purpose mat, made of natural rubber +PU leather, is delicate and comfortable.

    yoga mat brand

    Liforme mat is one of the most luxurious mats, expensive, comfortable, and non-slip, with beautiful lines.

    Jade Yoga a natural mat, uses the United States’ unique rubber tree renewable resources, made by special technology, natural environmental protection

    yoga mat brand

    Aumnie, Canada selected TPU environmental protection material with the perfect combination of rubber and TPE, itself breaking through the traditional process. Very unique in yoga mats.


    yoga mat brand

    In conclusion:

    According to the material, each brand is classified as:

    Manduka black mat is made of PVC;

    Atmananda, Lululemon, Liforme, Jade Yoga are natural rubber MATS;

    Aumnie is TPE+ rubber material.

    According to the function, each brand is classified as:

    Manduka, Lululemon, Jade Yoga, and Aumnie are traditional yoga MATS.

    Atmananda and Liforme are alignment yoga mats.


    The rules of choosing a yoga mat:


    Practitioners regard the yoga mat as the best partner on the way to yoga. So in the selection of more attention to the quality, brand and their preferences.

    • Comfortable: mat is good or not, it depends on whether the practitioner is comfortable or not. The product material is not good, the work is rough, the density is too small, the elasticity is not good, and others will directly affect the user’s feeling, so choosing comfortable yoga pants is necessary.
    • anti-slip: I believe that every practitioner in the practice of downward dog can deeply feel the hands and feet have different degrees of sliding, a yoga mat with an anti-slip coefficient is one of the most important points.
    • Height: a lot of practitioner chooses when yoga mat likes big, long, however, this is wrong. The lines of Liforme are designed according to the height of most Westerners, full of European and American styles. The Atmananda is more finely divided and takes care of people of different heights. Its lines are accurate to the distance between different parts of the body, making it perfect to experience freedom within the norms!
    • Brand: it is not a simple name or symbol, but there is a beautiful connection between the practitioner and yoga, find a brand of yoga mat that you like, and you’ll be happy, too.

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