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    Where is lululemon sold

    Where is Lululemon Sold

    Superfans of Lululemon must know where is lululemon sold, but there exist people who may don’t know, let’s have a look below:

    Where is Lululemon sold?

    Lululemon has several types of stores around the world:

    • General Stores
    • Flagship Store
    • Show Room
    • Laboratory (LAB)

    Lululemon is sold at general stores

    Up to January 2016, Lululemon had 363 stores around the world, most of which are located between busy office buildings and homes or prominently in shopping malls. The average store covers about 200 square meters, and some neighborhood stores are even smaller less than 100 square meters.


    Where is lululemon sold


    Lululemon is sold at the flagship store

    Lululemon’s largest flagship store in the world is located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, covering 1,000 square meters. It’s also home to boutique gyms such as SoulCycle, Flywheel Sports, Exhale, SLT, Pure Barre, and more, and it is the fitness atmosphere that attracts Lululemon chose for its flagship store.

    Where is lululemon sold

    Flagship stores are not about replicating existing store models but offering truly luxurious user experiences and the most innovative retail concepts.

    An entire floor is prepared for The Concierge, which recommends clients fitness classes and gyms nearby, and fitness enthusiasts can wear their new sweatpants to class in no time.

    Where is lululemon sold

    Lululemon is sold at the showroom

    A showroom is a showroom for communicating with customers, holding various activities, offering yoga classes, and selling a limited range of products.

    Lululemon’s approach to a market is basically the same. It will first set up a showroom in one place and send a team to carry out yoga or aerobics activities there. Then select some experienced experiencers and call them “Ambassadors”. For detailed information please see the article “why is lululemon so popular

    Post photos of the Ambassadors in the showroom, and the Ambassadors will lead the experiencers to carry out activities of yoga or other projects. Lululemon has replicated the model in China. Before opening the first real store in China, three showrooms were set up in Shanghai and Beijing.

    Where is lululemon sold


    Lululemon calls this way “community building,” and it’s essentially experiential marketing, allowing customers to learn about Lululemon’s products, brand, and philosophy from yoga sessions to yoga sessions, while also gaining insight into consumers in a new market and their consumption and lifestyle habits.

    Lululemon is sold at the lab

    Lululemon has two experimental stores around the world, one in Vancouver and one in New York. Avant-garde labs are used to promote the change of design, fabric, and technology, and meet the needs of more diversified customers to cope with the fierce market competition.


    where is lululemon sold


    The products sold in Lab stores in each city are completely different, and each Lab reflects the characteristics of its city. The Lab in New York, for example, is a modern “laboratory”, covering an area of about 260 square meters. Behind the counter are large hand-blown “measuring cups” with gold rim, undecorated concrete walls, brass trim, movable wooden tenons, and shelves nailed to wooden panes… The design of each store reflects the characteristics of New York City. Can you still tell it’s Lululemon?

    Above are officially lululemon products. If you are seeking lululemon custom apparel, you may try to find some custom gym clothing manufacturer to see if you have similar hot-selling products.

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